As it expands into Web3, French-based luxury apparel brand Lacoste has launched a new NFT collection. The collection, called UNDW3, is a collaboration with France-based crypto artist KryptoMan.

KryptoMan has created a series of nine NFTs, each representing a different Lacoste shirt. The NFTs are available for purchase on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to purchase the physical shirts they represent.

Lacoste is the latest fashion brand to enter the world of NFTs. Following in the footsteps of Balenciaga, which launched an NFT collection earlier this year.

The move signals a growing interest in crypto and blockchain among mainstream brands and retailers. It also highlights the potential of NFTs as a new way to engage with customers and create unique experiences.

According to the firm, UNDW3 (pronounced “underwater”) will provide a new experience. The initiative is a partnership with France-based fashion tech startup, Arianee.

Customers will be able to purchase the UNDW3 shirts using Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, ETH. The shirts will be stored on the blockchain and can be resold or traded like any other NFT.

This is not the first time Lacoste has experimented with blockchain technology. In 2018, the brand launched a ‘smart Polo shirt’ that used RFID tags to track its journey from the factory to the store shelf.

The UNDW3 collection is currently only available in France, but Lacoste plans to roll it out globally later this year.

According to the announcement, consumers will “take ownership” of the company thanks to the digital experience.

With the launch of UNDW3, Lacoste is once again at the forefront of technology adoption. The move will no doubt help to further legitimize blockchain and cryptocurrency in the eyes of the mainstream.

It remains to be seen whether other fashion brands will follow suit.

  • France-based luxury fashion brand Lacoste has announced the launch of its first web 3 initiative, UNDW3.
  • The collection comprises shirts that have been stored on the Ethereum blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • France is currently the only country where the collection is available, but Lacoste plans to roll it out globally later this year.

UNDW3 with the distinctive crocodile logo

The Lacoste NFTs will be available for purchase on the blockchain. Will feature the iconic crocodile and will release a total of 1212 pieces. The fashion brand’s founder René Lacoste created the L1212 polo shirt, so each piece released corresponds to it.

There will only be 1212 pieces of each shirt available, and each NFT will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collection is currently only available in France, but Lacoste plans to roll it out globally later this year.

This move by Lacoste is part of a wider trend of fashion brands adopting crypto and blockchain technology.

On June 6, Lacoste opens a Discord channel for the NFT, with 55,000 members. Within the first 48 hours, 30,000 subscribers had signed up.

The collection debuts on Tuesday 14th of June, allowing fans to create an aquatic NFT in partnership with Oceanlab and Ubisoft.

“Lacoste has always been a brand that is open to new technologies and innovations,” said Cyril Viguier, CEO of Lacoste’s e-commerce subsidiary. “The launch of the UNDW3 collection is a natural extension of this DNA.” According to a tweet by the firm.

In the first drop, Lacoste will offer 11,212 NFTs at a price of 0.08 ETH each. 

Aside from giving UNDW3 Universe owners exclusive access, it will also bring consumers and followers of the brand together.

The company claims that this is only the beginning of its Web3 adventure. And that it expects to see substantial development over the next several years.

What do you think of Lacoste’s latest move?

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