Evan Luza, the co-founder of Cool Cats, says he believes more fashion brand labels will enter the NFT space in the coming years.Evan Luza, a co-founder of Cool Cats (an NFT project with many lovable characters and an intriguing story). Told Bitcoin.com in a recent interview that he predicts the nonfungible token space will continue to grow in popularity over the next few years.

When asked about the benefits of NFTs, Luza explains that the majority of uses for NFTs have been for strengthening communities. He says;

“Currently, the most popular use cases for NFTs surround community building. While the artwork is the facade, art collectors uniting over a certain concept creates a strong following that does more than just establish a brand. Rather than focus on bottom-line profits early on, many creators are choosing to invest in use cases that will develop tight-knit communities.”

He went on to say that, eventually, NFTs would be adopted by many different types of businesses. Luza adds that;

“I see a future where major fashion brand labels will emerge from NFTs, much like Supreme or Bathing Ape.Media projects, ranging from books to music to movies, will find community-driven successes through the use of NFTs. Of course, video games and the metaverse will eventually adopt NFTs as core mechanics. NFTs will be used for diplomas or other types of certification in the future. This means that your diploma will be stored on the blockchain. Other things like registration and titling systems will also use NFTs. Usually, the best uses for new technology are things that we cannot even imagine yet.

Since the beginning of this year, NFTs have been in a downward trend. OpenSea, the top NFT marketplace globally, has seen its trading levels drop 99% from what it was in May.

NFT adoption remains on the rise, even though trading volume has decreased. Last week, Shopify made Tezos-based NFTs available to the public, making it easier for people to gain access to the assets.

Cool Cats Labels is a new platform from Cool Cats, a fashion and technology company co-founded by Evan Luza, that is entering the NFT space.

Luza states that Cool Cats Labels will present fashion labels with a “turnkey solution” for generating and selling NFTs. The platform lets brands mint and markets their NFTs without any hassle, providing them with a new source of income; while also raising brand visibility.

Cool Cats Labels is one of the first fashion labels to enter the NFT space, and Luza believes that more will follow their lead. “We’re just at the beginning of fashion brands entering the NFT world,” he says. “There is a lot of potential for making money and making the label’s name more well-known. I think that more labels will start doing this.”

About Cool Cats

Cool Cats is a digital fashion platform co-founded by Evan Luza. In addition to Cool Cats Labels, the company also operates Cool Cats Exclusives, an NFT marketplace for limited-edition fashion pieces.

Cool Cats has previously partnered with brands such as Opening Ceremony and Chinatown Market. This move towards incorporating NFTs into the fashion industry reflects a broader trend of the technology being adopted by various industries.

From music to art to sports, more and more entities are finding value. In using NFTs as a way to authenticate and monetize digital assets. Cool Cats’ entry into the NFT space is just one example of this growing trend.

As Cool Cats continues to pave the way for NFT adoption in fashion, Luza remains confident in the potential benefits it can bring. “I think we’ll see some big players enter the space very soon,” he says. “It’s an exciting time for innovation in the industry.”

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