Nissan, the world’s foremost car manufacturer, reveals it will release its non-fungible tokens for a brand-new game known as Torque Drift 2.

Torque Drift 2 is a video game created by Australia-located cross-platform video gaming studio Greece Monkey Games. Greece Monkey Games specializes in motorsport games.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of cryptocurrency. They exist as unique digital assets, unable to be replicated or exchanged for anything else. NFTs can be bought and sold like other cryptos on blockchain platforms.

This move marks Nissan’s entry into the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency, as well as its expansion into the gaming industry. Nissan hopes to provide its fans with an exciting new way to connect with the brand and engage with its products.

Nissan is set to release 15 exclusive NFTs

Within the next year, Monkey Games and Greece Monkey Games plan to release 15 new Nissan models with various additions to the Torque Drift 2 game.

There will be five different versions of the Nissan NXT 180SX model on Torque Drift 2. For Sil80 and 370Z models, there will be seven different versions.

15 Nissan-licensed NFTs will be among the first available on the game. With other NFTs coming from brands like NISMO, Infiniti, and Datsun.

This move signals Nissan’s entrance into the rapidly growing realm of cryptocurrency and NFTs. By offering fans a new way to engage with the brand and collect Nissan models in a digital format.

Nissan hopes to continue expanding its presence in this arena and further enhance its connection with fans worldwide.

Torque Drift 2 racing game

The Torque Drift 2 game will be available on the Polygon side-chain. The head of Global Games Business Development at Polygon Studios, Urvit Goel, says:

“Nissan is entering the Web3 world with Torque Drift 2. This is a very exciting event because it means that blockchain and NFT technology are being used by a major global brand.”

Nissan will join other top brands, like Mercedes, in announcing cryptocurrency-related projects. Mercedes has started selling NFTs and Hyundai plans to offer both NFTs and content publishing that is supported by them.

By partnering with Torque Drift 2, Nissan will give the game studio access to all of its car models and parts. We will be creating 3D models of different engine types and NISMO parts, including the vehicle’s interior, and exterior colours, power output, and speed.

What does this mean for the automotive space?

Nissan is entering the world of NFTs. This could create a new world for Nissan collectors, traders, and car enthusiasts to show off their virtual-reality vehicles.

Not only would this provide another layer of verification for owners in the automotive industry through immutable proof of ownership. But it also has immense potential to grow Nissan’s fan base.

This means that more and more companies are beginning to understand how useful blockchain technology can be for their businesses. We can expect to see even more big brands start using NFTs soon.

About Nissan

Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, currently the world’s largest car maker by volume. Nissan has a strong presence in markets all over the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The firm is an automobile company known for manufacturing reliable and affordable vehicles, like the Nissan Altima and Maxima. Recently, it announced that it will be releasing NFTs (non-fungible tokens), showing its willingness to explore new opportunities in the rapidly growing automotive industry.

In conclusion, Nissan’s use of NFT technology represents the increasing trend of traditional corporations investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain advancements.

With more businesses beginning to see the advantages of these technologies. Nissan releasing NFTs could prompt other large companies in the automotive sector to do likewise.

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