On Wednesday, Linear Finance (LINA) price skyrockets to the top of the crypto market as digital coins surge in value. On March 22, LINA skyrocketed to a whopping $0.012 – the highest it has ever been!

This token saw an impressive 32.40% surge in just 24 hours and topped charts as Binance’s best-performing asset of that period. Below are some points to note:

  • Launched in 2021, Linear Protocol has quickly become one of the most popular DeFi protocols on the market.
  • In only a few days, the total value of assets within this ecosystem has skyrocketed!

Linear Protocol growth surges

In the past week, its total value locked (TVL) has grown from $20 million to $50 million.The rapid growth of this DeFi protocol is due to demand for its innovative lending and borrowing services.

By leveraging the power of linear supply-curve tokens, users can maximize their returns by earning interest on their deposited liquidity.

The TVL rally of this DeFi protocol has also pushed its token prices up significantly. Since the beginning of April, the LINA token price had increased from $0.50 to a high of $1.20 in mid-May. This marks a 140% increase in price within just two months!

Linear Protocol offers a variety of services, including Buildr, exchange and vault features to give users the means to trade assets; with ease and cost-effectiveness.

The swap feature allows for trading in an easier fashion as it provides tools. That enable people to assess their options before making any trades. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can make the most out of your asset analysis and trading decisions!

The Linear Protocol dashboard displays a remarkable number of LINA tokens staked by more than 8,000 users.

With an impressive estimated APY of 37.48%. It is certainly higher compared to other comparable resources and rewards total over 7.3 million weekly in LINA tokens! Despite this extraordinary return on investment for its holders, the ℓUSD has an APY capped at 0.05%.

Investors are flocking to the LINA token, pushing its price higher and driving up total value locked in its ecosystem. This surge is largely due to the remarkable yields associated with investing in this innovative asset. In a Tweet, the firm reminds its user community to available rewards.

LINA price forecast


The daily chart exhibits a major bullish surge in the LINA token price over recent days. It has rocketed up 165% from its December low. And surpassed the essential support level at $0.010 – which was formerly its peak point on November 4th.

The overall trend remains positive, and is likely to continue in the near future. With the current levels of DeFi TVL rising and ℓUSD APY capped at 0.05%. LINA holders have much more to gain from their investments.

In addition, many analysts have predicted that this surge could even break the all-time high of $0.070 – achieved in August 2020.

Something important to know is that LINA has made a special pattern at the price of $0.0175. This can sometimes show that prices might go down soon.

Considering this, there’s a strong chance that the token price will continue to rally. As buyers target the initial support level at $0.013 (Feb 25 high). Should LINA break past the $0.017 level, a double-top pattern will take effect that is likely to cause a bearish breakout in the long run.

Buying LINA


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