After a long period of speculation, HSBC has finally taken steps to enter the cryptocurrency space. HSBC plans to launch its tokenization platform and will be able to offer more products and services related to cryptocurrencies. Some few key points:

  • HSBC is actively exploring ways to tokenize assets, encouraging the efficient and secure transfer of digital tokens representing traditional currencies.
  • Today, HSBC announces a treasure trove of cryptocurrency-related job openings on its career page.
  • This an exciting opportunity for those looking to get involved in this ever-evolving market.
  • HSBC wants this move to help more people start using cryptocurrencies and tokenization technology. This will make it more accessible to a wider range of customers.

Today, HSBC Holdings plc was the subject of attention thanks to news that Europe’s largest bank is now ready to explore cryptocurrencies.

HSBC advertises crypto-related job openings

Recently, the bank posts a job ad for a Product Director focusing on tokenization and digital assets. This opportunity opened up on January 30th. HSBC is looking for a seasoned professional with experience in the blockchain technology sector.

The bank states that these new jobs are needed because the crypto sector is changing and there is more risk involved.

“As Digital Assets is a novel area and strategic & risk appetite considerations are in constant development, the Head of Tokenisation must be prepared to make tenuous yet significant business decisions that will promote an ambitious, high-value venture,” the bank states. 

In this regard, HSBC subtly indicates that the perfect job seeker would be pivotal in the bank’s upcoming product – GPB&W Digital Assets.

Pioneering Cryptocurrency Strategy

Specifically, the job posting emphasizes that applicants would need to act as an ambassador for HSBC. And demonstrate leadership by representing the company to stakeholders such as regulators, clients and organizations in fields related to digital assets.

This is essential to ensure that HSBC remains a leader in its digital assets strategy. Simultaneously, successful applicants for the role of Product Manager for digital assets will be expected to spearhead the advancement of cryptocurrency.

“The Product Manager for Digital Assets will be responsible for creating plans and rules to help with difficult business, project, and governance decisions. This includes making sure that there are efficient and transparent ways to run governance forums and committees so that the digital assets plan can be carried out effectively.” the bank says.

HSBC is toeing the line of JPMorgan Chase

Far from being alone, the British multinational is joining several of its peers in wading into crypto markets. JPMorgan Chase & Co have been at the forefront of this venture by unveiling multiple crypto-related products over recent years.

HSBC Holdings plc is on the hunt for a well-suited individual to take up the role of Product Manager for digital assets. Demonstrating its commitment to offering an expansive selection of services within cryptocurrency.

This is a radical departure for a bank that’s been vocal against cryptocurrencies and raised questions on their sustainability. Merely months ago, HSBC’s CEO Noel Quinn declared that the company would not hasten its involvement with cryptos.

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