If you’re new to bitcoin, you might be intimidated by the amount of money required to get started. There are various more ways to receive free bitcoin, but be cautious: anyone advertising completely free bitcoin is most likely a scam. You can receive legitimate free bitcoin, but it will take some work on your behalf.

Here are eleven different methods to obtain free bitcoin right now.

1. Free Bitcoin through Faucets
A bitcoin faucet is a platform that rewards you with little amounts of bitcoin for performing simple online tasks such as completing captchas, watching adverts, or clicking links. This strategy works if you have plenty of time and no ad-blocker installed on your browser.

Every 5 minutes, you may earn up to 10,000 Satoshis (0.0001 bitcoin). To utilize a bitcoin faucet, you must also have a ready wallet. When you hit a certain level, your profits are sent immediately into your wallet. Freebitco.in, Satoshilabs.net, and Bitcoinker.com are several bitcoin faucets.

2. Bitcoin Cashback
Through their cashback or incentive schemes, several online marketplaces will offer you a portion of your purchase price in bitcoin. You basically go shopping and earn free bitcoin within 48 hours.

A cashback program provides significant value and savings for your money, equating to 5 bits for dollar, or 20% cashback. Aliexpress, Expedia, Macy’s, Udemy, and Wallgreens are among the retailers that provide bitcoin cashback benefits. Bitcoin cashback services that connect with your favorite retailers include CoinRebates, Lolli App, and Fold App.

3. Play Bitcoin Games
There are hundreds of possibilities accessible nowadays for learning how to gain free bitcoin from games. Casino games, for example, provide bitcoin for joining up, daily bonuses, prizes, and referrals. Earn free bitcoin by registering to play online poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, and other games.
Gaming currencies are also available from blockchain-based games. These games employ bitcoin as in-game currency, which you can exchange or pay out at the conclusion. The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Iluvium are examples of crypto games.

4. Microtasks using Bitcoin
Online surveys and puzzles are the most frequent bitcoin microtasks. When you finish the reasonably fast and straightforward activity, you get a tiny amount of bitcoin. Microtasks, like bitcoin faucets, require time to amass enough bitcoin to cash out.

Downloading free applications and viewing movies for bitcoin are also examples of microtasks. StormX, GrabPoints, Superpay.me, and Surveytime are several Bitcoin survey sites.

5. Referral Programs for Bitcoin
You may discover how to receive free bitcoin by participating in referral schemes. Bitcoin exchanges and wallet providers, for example, employ affiliate or referral schemes to expand their client base.

Your role is to conduct marketing campaigns, write blogs, or create other sorts of content to encourage more people to sign up. The more followers you have, the more bitcoin profits you will receive. Coinbase, Paxful, and Nexo.io are among bitcoin affiliate schemes.

Donations in Bitcoin

You can solicit bitcoin donations for a passion project or a worthy cause. Create a website for your project, create a wallet address and QR code, and then market it across several media. Coinbase Commerce is the simplest way to accept cryptocurrency donations for organizations, businesses, and individuals.
7. Bounty Schemes

Anyone with coding knowledge may learn how to earn free bitcoin by participating in a bounty program. Bounty hunting is a method used in the crypto sector to assist developers in detecting bugs or weaknesses during app development and testing.

Developers contribute their code, consumers test it, and they get compensated in bitcoin for their input. Bounty0x, BountySource, and Rysolv are excellent open source bounty applications.

8. Tipping Bots

Crypto tips are an excellent technique to obtain free bitcoin on social media networks. A tipping bot allows consumers to tip a content provider using bitcoin. The bot is then used by the content producer to receive and withdraw bitcoin. This strategy works great if you are a frequent user of Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Github, and other social media platforms.
Tipprbot, Gitcash, and TipBitcoin.cash are examples of tipping systems.

9. Bitcoin Workouts

As an incentive to exercise, many fitness applications provide crypto currencies. These applications frequently need a wearable fitness tracker, GPS, or picture uploads to ensure that you are actually exercising. You may exchange your exercise bitcoin for fitness equipment and athletic products or keep it in your cryptocurrency wallet. Apps like FitCoin, Sweatcoin, and Wellcoin may earn you free bitcoin while also making you healthier.

Airdrops of cryptocurrency

An airdrop is a free cryptocurrency token distributed as a marketing or public relations gimmick. An airdrop is used by a new cryptocurrency to encourage users to spread the news about it on social media.

You get your free Bitcoin after joining the cryptocurrency’s Telegram channel and tweeting about it, Alternatively, bring a recommendation. A real crypto airdrop, on the other hand, will only require your public wallet address, not your private key. For crypto aficionados, CoinMarketCap, Airdrops.io, and AirdropKing.io provide precise airdrop updates.


These 10 suggestions will teach you how to earn free bitcoin, but do your study first. Choose the correct platforms and put as much time and attention into bitcoin as you can afford.

When you have some cryptocurrency in your wallet, try putting part of it into a crypto interest account or becoming an active bitcoin trader on Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken. Before you invest in bitcoin today, as with any other investment, be sure you understand the risks involved.

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