Hodlnaut creditors have announced their decision to reject restructuring terms and instead opt for liquidation. Hodlnaut, a global cryptocurrency lending platform, has been unable to restructure its debts. And will now move forward with the process of liquidating its assets.

The Hodlnaut team states that they have exhausted all potential options to restructure the business. But had been unable to reach an agreement with the creditors.

The Hodlnaut team has expressed regret at the decision. Stating that they had hoped to continue operating and providing a service to their customers. However, they have accepted that liquidation is the only viable option in this situation.

Catastrophic $190M Loss resulting from Terra’s Collapse

At first, Hodlnaut attempted to minimize their involvement in the Terra LUNA collapse. However, when withdrawals were blocked due to a lack of liquidity and market instability.

An inquiry was conducted that revealed approximately $190 million had been lost by the platform as a result of Terra’s failure. To prevent any potential repercussions from this incident, executive members deleted several documents concerning investments made on behalf of Hodlnaut.

This has resulted in Hodlnaut creditors rejecting their restructuring terms and opting for liquidation instead. Hodlnaut’s management and the Supervisory Board have decided to comply with the wishes of Hodlnaut’s creditors and initiate liquidation proceedings.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Hodlnaut and all its stakeholders. Hodlnaut’s creditors and investors will be hoping that the liquidation process is conducted as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize losses.

Implications for Hodlnaut

The decision to go ahead with liquidation means Hodlnaut is in danger of being wound up and dissolved. This could result in creditors, employees, investors and other stakeholders losing out on their investments or salaries.

The current situation highlights the importance of financial transparency to prevent such situations from happening in the future.

The implications of Hodlnaut’s liquidation may extend to other firms, as Hodlnaut was an early mover in the nascent cryptocurrency market.

Its failure could hurt the perception of the industry and its future growth prospects. Making investors shy away from making investments in digital assets.

About Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut was a financial technology company providing cryptocurrency-based services such as lending, borrowing and trading. Hodlnaut had raised over $15 million in venture capital investments to date.

The company was founded in 2017 and became one of the first to enter the cryptocurrency market. It is located in Singapore and is backed by major investors from the tech industry.


Ultimately, Hodlnaut’s creditors have chosen to liquidate the company rather than restructure, despite the potential risk and difficulty involved.

This highlights the importance of companies such as Hodlnaut taking measures to improve their solvency before it is too late. To prevent similar situations from occurring in future.

The liquidation of Hodlnaut is a prime example of the risks associated with investing in the crypto market. And highlights the need for investors to assess potential investments carefully.

The Hodlnaut case serves as a cautionary tale for all potential investors, highlighting the importance of performing due diligence; before investing any amount of money in cryptocurrencies.

It also serves as a reminder to creditors, that they must take into consideration the associated risks when entering; into any agreement with startups.

The Hodlnaut liquidation will be closely watched by many in the industry. And its outcome could have a major impact on how such cases are handled in the future.

All parties involved should strive for a resolution that is equitable and in the best interests of all involved. As well as one that is financially feasible. Only then can Hodlnaut serve as an example to help protect both creditors and investors alike.

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