Today, the Axie Infinity blockchain game saw a massive surge in popularity, with a 40% increase in players and new users. This is the largest jump in the player count since the game launched two years ago. Here are some points to note:

  • The game has seen a steady increase in popularity since its launch, but this sudden surge was unexpected.
  • Today, Axie Infinity (AXS) has achieved an all-time high in value at $13.83!
  • This is the first time Axie Infinity has seen such a high player count in one day.
  • The developers have attributed the sudden increase to an increased interest from users who have recently discovered the game.

After a peaceful weekend with most cryptocurrencies stabilizing their recent gains. Axie Infinity begins the week on an upbeat note as it climbed to an impressive four-month high of $13.83.

The success of the game lies within its innovative gameplay and NFT marketplace. Which have allowed users to collect their Axies, battle with them, or trade them on the open market. Players can also use the NFTs to purchase in-game assets such as lands and items.

This has made the game a popular choice for users looking for a new experience. And it has recently gained attention from high-profile investors such as Mark Cuban. Analysts have attributed the sudden increase to an increased interest from users who have recently discovered the game.

The Axie Infinity team also released a major update earlier this month, which further improved the game with new features. Such as a breeding system and an expanded battle system. The game is now being played by more than 56,000 players

What is causing the soaring price of Axie Infinity?

Analysts have attributed the recent price surge to a rise in demand from users. As well as from investors who are looking for new opportunities in the crypto space.

The Axie Infinity team has also been running successful marketing campaigns to raise awareness about its game, which has helped fuel interest and demand for the asset.

In addition, its partnership with the Ethereum-based gaming platform Decentraland gives users access. To even more features and content in the game – further increasing the appeal of Axie Infinity.

Finally, the Axie Infinity team has been developing new features and content for their game since its launch in 2018. Including adding more game modes and tools to enhance the user experience.

Another reason for the increased hype is due to Axie Infinity’s recent announcement of its upcoming LAN play feature and integration into Decentraland.

LAN play will enable players to battle each other on a local network. And Decentraland integration allows them to bring their Axie game pieces into the Decentraland virtual world.

These two new features are sure to draw more users to the game and potentially increase its value in the gaming industry. With more users, comes more trading and speculation.

This is especially true with the integration of Decentraland. As it will now be possible to display one’s Axies in the virtual world, and potentially garner even more attention from potential traders and investors.

The team has also worked hard to make sure that the game remains provably fair and secure. The Axie team has developed a system called “Axie Verify.”

Which checks to make sure that each Axie on the platform; is authentic and cannot be manipulated in any way. Additionally, all of the game logic and data are also stored securely on Ethereum smart contracts.

About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a revolutionary gaming and virtual world platform powered by blockchain technology, established in 2018.

Players can build their own teams of collectible digital creatures known as ‘Axies’ to battle against each other using Ethereum-based smart contracts. With Axie Infinity, the possibilities are endless!

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