Nomura, Laser Digital, and GMO Internet Group have partnered to explore the issuance of stablecoins in Japan. The collaboration aims to issue yen- and dollar-denominated stablecoins, enhancing the adoption of digital assets. This initiative is expected to significantly impact the Web3 ecosystem by providing a stable medium of exchange and fostering innovation.

Nomura, one of Japan’s largest banks, and its digital asset unit, Laser Digital, have partnered strategically with GMO Internet Group to explore stablecoin issuance in Japan. The alliance intends to make creating, redeeming, and circulating stablecoins in Japanese yen and US dollars easier.

The alliance will provide “stablecoin-as-a-service” products to assist businesses with regulatory compliance, blockchain integration, and backend transaction administration. This programme represents a significant step towards increasing the accessibility and use of digital assets in Japan and elsewhere.

Background Information

Stablecoins have emerged as an essential component of the growing cryptocurrency environment. These digital assets are intended to maintain a stable value by being tied to a reserve of assets, such as fiat currencies like the US dollar or Japanese yen. The fundamental advantage of stablecoins is their potential to reduce the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The stablecoin industry in Japan is still in its early stages, but regulatory organisations are beginning to recognise its potential. The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has been developing a regulatory framework to ensure the safe and efficient use of stablecoins, aiming to protect consumers while encouraging financial innovation.

Nomura, Laser Digital, and GMO Internet Group will look to pioneer stablecoin issuance in Japan. This collaboration will focus on creating, redeeming, and distributing stablecoins valued in Japanese yen and US dollars. Furthermore, the effort will offer “stablecoin-as-a-service” alternatives to help companies make stablecoins. These services will include regulatory compliance, which ensures that all stablecoins follow Japanese laws and regulations. The agreement will also include integrating blockchain technology to enable secure and transparent transactions and managing backend operations to improve the stablecoin issuance process.

Strategic Roles

Each member in this collaboration brings distinct strengths to the table. Nomura and its digital asset subsidiary, Laser Digital, will focus on cryptocurrency trading, asset management, and startup investing. Their significant experience in financial markets and digital assets will help to accelerate stablecoin growth and utilisation. 

GMO Internet Group will use its technological knowledge to create and maintain the infrastructure required for stablecoin supply. GMO has an established track record in the tech business, notably in blockchain technology, making it an appropriate partner to manage the project’s technical components. This deliberate distribution of duties guarantees that financial and technological issues are adequately addressed.

Market Impact

The launch of yen- and US dollar-denominated stablecoins through this collaboration might substantially influence both the Japanese and worldwide cryptocurrency markets. For Japanese businesses and customers, stablecoins provide a dependable and efficient means of completing transactions, potentially lowering reliance on existing financial institutions. 

Furthermore, the “stablecoin-as-a-service” offerings will allow more businesses to enter the stablecoin industry, promoting innovation and competition. On a global scale, this project could establish Japan as a leader in stablecoin development and acceptance, encouraging other countries to follow suit. The rising use of stablecoins can improve the overall stability and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market, making it more appealing to institutional investors.

The practical issue of stablecoins depends on both technological innovation and regulatory compliance. From a technological standpoint, integrating advanced blockchain solutions will be critical to ensuring the security, transparency, and efficiency of stablecoin transactions. GMO knowledge in this field will be vital for building a solid infrastructure. 

On the regulatory front, the collaboration must adhere to Japan’s rigorous financial standards. Compliance with FSA requirements will be required to obtain clearance for stablecoin issuance. This includes following anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements to prevent illegal actions. By solving technological and legislative difficulties, the alliance hopes to establish a standard for stablecoin projects in Japan and worldwide.

Impact on Web3

The collaboration between Nomura, Laser Digital, and GMO Internet Group promises to significantly impact the Web3 environment. Web3, the next generation of internet technology, focuses on decentralisation, blockchain integration, and the use of digital assets. The advent of stablecoins, particularly those backed by major fiat currencies like the Japanese yen and the US dollar, will provide a reliable medium of exchange inside this ecosystem.

This stability is critical for adopting Web3 apps, which frequently experience the volatility associated with traditional cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the “stablecoin-as-a-service” approach will enable more developers and organisations to integrate stablecoins into Web3 platforms, increasing liquidity and customer trust. This programme, which bridges the gap between traditional finance and decentralised technologies, will accelerate the mainstream adoption of Web3, paving the path for novel financial products and services.


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