Metacask’s Trakr is a blockchain-powered inventory management and asset tracking solution, the first such fully integrated system for the spirits industry.Metacask has just released Trakr, the cutting-edge blockchain-based system created to make inventory control uncomplicated for spirits industry manufacturers and brands.

Trakr plans to help companies manage their inventory and assets by making it easy to track them with blockchain technology. In addition, marketing will become more efficient.

The solution allows users to access excellent digital documentation, which is very important in this industry. Now, thanks to decentralised records, producers and brands can keep track of their products. From the very beginning (raw materials) to when it is distributed.

We’ve designed Trakr with the spirits industry in mind,” says Nimantha Siriwardana, co-founder and CTO of Metacask.

“Not only does it present an opportunity to streamline supply chain processes and cut costs, but it’s also a way of showing potential customers the end-to-end view of a product – from the data collected by harvesters to the unique label designed for that particular item.” he adds.

Removing conventional solutions ‘vaulted’ process

The new system offers real-time data traceability, making the process more authentic and transparent. This is a major benefit over older systems that were siloed and didn’t communicate well with each other.

Trakr is an end-to-end solution that not only eliminates the need for individual divisions for asset tracking, inventory management; and marketing but also streamlines the entire process.

“The beautiful aspect is that this solution is so flexible, any business handling luxury goods can use it to improve transparency between all parties involved and their consumers. It’s a chance to completely change the way products are managed from start to finish – not just in the spirits industry, but beyond it as well.” Siriwardana notes.

Automation is crucial for compliance, as it gets rid of the need for manual reporting. And makes it simple to keep an eye on supply chain processes according to Metacask.

Trakr uses smart digital identity technology, which means that assets are linked on a chain and via NFC chips.

Metacask is a website that launched in 2021. It lets people buy, collect, and sell casks and bottles from leading spirits brands using NFTs.

On the platform, clients do not just get the NFTs as a digital title of the deed for possession and provenance; they can also leverage these for price discovery.

The spirits industry is not the only one set to benefit from Metacask’s Trakr. The tool can also be applied to industries such as wine, luxury goods, and pharmaceuticals. We can’t wait to see the impact it has on the industry as a whole.

About Metacask

Metacask is a leading player in the digital spirits market, using blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry.

It was founded in 2021 by a team of entrepreneurs and technologists with backgrounds in finance, luxury goods, and blockchain. The company is headquartered in London, with offices in New York and Hong Kong.

Trakr uses blockchain technology to track and trace inventory, providing increased transparency throughout the supply chain. Metacask’s solution also offers smart contract functionality, allowing for automated payments between parties and streamlined order fulfilment.


Metacask’s Trakr is a game-changing tool for managing inventory in the spirits industry, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology.

It offers increased transparency and streamlines payments and order fulfilment through the use of smart contracts. We are excited to see the impact Trakr will have on the industry.

Metacask is continuing to drive innovation in the spirits industry with the launch of Trakr. This new product provides solutions for both individuals and businesses. We’re looking forward to seeing how it transforms the way inventory is managed within the sector.

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