has teamed up with evmOS to launch Lif3 Chain, a groundbreaking Layer-1 DeFi solution. This partnership introduces a public, permissionless blockchain with curated contract deployment, enhancing security and efficiency. The collaboration sets new standards in the Web3 industry, fostering innovation and broader adoption of decentralized technologies. (LIF3/USD)(LIF3/USDt), a unique omni-chain DeFi Layer-1 ecosystem, has teamed up with evmOS to introduce “Lif3 Chain,” the world’s first Layer-1 solution designed for public permissionless use with curated contract deployment. This Partnership represents a significant step forward in blockchain technology, improving the security and efficiency of smart contract execution.’s integration with evmOS intends to set new industry standards for DeFi safety, transparency, and accessibility, giving developers and corporations powerful tools to power the next generation of decentralised applications.

About is a breakthrough omni-chain DeFi ecosystem interacting with many blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Fantom.’s LayerZero bridging technology enables easy integration and interoperability between various networks.’s commitment to improving the DeFi landscape is demonstrated by its ongoing efforts to create secure, efficient, and transparent financial solutions. is paving the path for greater acceptance of decentralised finance by allowing users to easily engage with numerous blockchain networks, making it accessible to both newbies and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

The Partnership with EVMOS

The collaboration between and evmOS marks a big step forward in the blockchain business. This Partnership established “Lif3 Chain,” the world’s first Layer-1 solution designed for public, permissionless use and curated contract deployment. This novel approach ensures that only high-quality, validated smart contracts are implemented, improving the security and resilience of the DeFi ecosystem. 

The integration with evmOS combines the strengths of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), resulting in a powerful and versatile platform for developers and organisations. This collaboration expands’s capabilities and establishes a new standard for blockchain technology, encouraging increased innovation and adoption in the sector.

Key Features of Lif3 Chain

Lif3 Chain has several essential features that distinguish it from other blockchain alternatives. It provides a seamless and safe environment for deploying smart contracts, considerably lowering the risks associated with unauthorised access and harmful behaviour. The curated contract deployment ensures that only reliable and high-quality contracts are available, which boosts user confidence and security. 

The interface with evmOS allows for public, permissionless use, democratising blockchain technology and enabling anybody to participate with smart contracts. Transparency and accessibility are critical for driving innovation and adoption in the DeFi industry. Lif3 Chain’s Layer-1 solution is intended to enable a wide range of applications, including consumer DeFi, gaming, and entertainment, making it an adaptable and essential addition to the blockchain ecosystem.

Benefits for Developers and Enterprises

The and evmOS collaboration has various advantages for developers and businesses. Lif3 Chain enables developers to focus on innovation rather than security issues by providing a secure and efficient infrastructure for smart contract implementation. The curated contract deployment functionality allows developers to build solidly, improving the quality of decentralised apps (dApps). 

Lif3 Chain provides enhanced tools and infrastructure to help organisations create and deploy next-generation dApps. This speeds up the development process and lowers the expenses and difficulties connected with blockchain integration. Lif3 Chain’s public, permissionless nature makes blockchain technology more accessible to organisations of all sizes, allowing them to reap the benefits of DeFi and Web3 technologies.

Impact on the Web3 Industry

Lif3 Chain, launched through a partnership between and evmOS, is expected to significantly impact the Web3 market. By proposing a Layer-1 solution designed for public, permissionless use with curated contract deployment, our Partnership solves some of the most pressing concerns in the DeFi area, such as security flaws and the spread of bad contracts. This novel approach improves the dependability and trustworthiness of decentralised apps (dApps), promoting more comprehensive usage of Web3 technology.

Consumers will have access to a wider selection of high-quality DeFi services, including financing and borrowing, gaming, and entertainment. On the other hand, enterprises benefit from a robust infrastructure that enables new solutions in various fields, including finance, gaming, and music. Overall, the Lif3 Chain effort is an important step forward in the evolution of the Web3 industry, promoting the use of decentralised technology and paving the path for a more linked and secure digital economy.


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