The Stellar Protocol 20 update has been postponed, as revealed by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) in a determined response to community input. This deliberate postponement is a prioritised effort after a problem in Stellar Core v20.1.0 was found to be potentially dangerous for Soroban transaction fee spikes.

Background of the Delay

After discovering a flaw in Stellar Core v20.1.0, the Stellar Development Foundation postponed the update. Upgrading to Protocol 20 might have been risky due to this problem, which involved cost increases in Soroban transactions. The SDF planned a gradual rollout after determining that the danger was tolerable. 

Community’s Role in the Decision 

To determine the Stellar community’s reaction to the upcoming update, the SDF actively engaged developers and validators in keeping with its collaborative culture. The Foundation obtained a wealth of information using resources like developer email lists and the Stellar Dev Discord channel. 

The network’s functioning has reached a critical juncture with the SDF’s decision to disarm its validators. This step allows validators to reevaluate the network’s preparedness by temporarily abstaining from voting on the Protocol 20 update. The option to vote for or against the update is still available to other Stellar community validators. The result is binary: the network will continue using Protocol 19 if a quorum is not established, in which case the upgrade will occur. 

Next Steps for the Upgrade 

The upgrade has been put on hold, and the SDF is now concentrating on fixing the found problem. Validators can use particular stellar-core instructions to disarm themselves. The SDF is fully committed to finding a solution, and they want to continue interacting with the community to ensure a unified effort. A new date for the upgrade vote will be set once a Stellar Core version with the problem patch is available, which should happen in the next two weeks. The Foundation’s commitment to a safe and cooperative upgrading process, safeguarding the network’s integrity and the community’s confidence, is reflected in this plan.

Impact on the Blockchain Industry

For the blockchain industry, the decision made by the Stellar Development Foundation to delay the Protocol 20 update has wider ramifications. It emphasises how crucial responsive governance and community interaction are in the quickly developing blockchain industry. It also shows how the decentralised blockchain industry is maturing, with network security and user input taking precedence over quick implementation to increase overall blockchain system confidence and dependability. This strategy may impact future development plans for different blockchain platforms, resulting in more robust and user-focused blockchain ecosystems. The blockchain industry’s core ideals of stability, security, and community are further reinforced by the wise choice made by the Stellar Development Foundation to postpone the deployment of Protocol 20. 


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