Marathon Digital, a leading cryptocurrency firm, produces more Bitcoin in January than ever before. The company mined approximately 74% of newly issued Bitcoin this month – a major milestone in the cryptocurrency space. Here are some key points:

  • Marathon Digital is a major player in the cryptocurrency sector, having mined an all-time high of 74% of newly issued Bitcoin in January.
  • Marathon Digital is the first publicly listed company to take the lead in Bitcoin production, with a total of 16 exahash per second (EH/s) of mining power.
  • A record number of 687 BTC were produced in January 2023, which is a 45% increase from the previous month.

The stock for Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. has gone down by 15%. After the company says that it did not earn as much money from mining bitcoin last month as it had sold.

How many Bitcoin were sold last month?

In January, Marathon boldly sold 1,500 bitcoin as the value of BTC kept climbing to finance its daily operations.

On the other hand, last month was a record-breaking performance for Bitcoin (BTC), as it minted 687 BTC – representing an astonishing 45% growth from its previous results. In their monthly production and mining overview, the administration made this statement:

Management Commentary

“We started the year by producing a record 687 bitcoin in January 2023, which is a 45% increase from the 475 bitcoin we produced in December 2022,” says Fred Thiel, Marathon’s chairman and CEO.

“Our Bitcoin production was substantially enhanced due to our team’s successful collaboration with the new hosting provider in McCamey, Texas. This enabled us to effectively handle any technical and maintenance issues at the King Mountain data center that had hindered our Bitcoin output during Q4 of 2022. Our proactive measures to fortify our financial standing, coupled with the improved effectiveness of our operations, have put Marathon in a prime position to reach both operational and growth aspirations by 2023.

In order to finance our business operations and address some of our corporate goals, we decided it was prudent to take advantage of the ascendant trend in bitcoin production by selling a portion that had been earmarked for this purpose. Doing so allows us to benefit from increased consistency in bitcoin production. In 2023, we plan to maintain selling a portion of our bitcoin reserves in order to finance monthly operational expenses. Despite this approach, the amount of unrestricted bitcoin assets exceeded 7,815 – as at December 31st 2022 – and climbed up to 8090 bitcoins by January 31st 2023 due to production optimization and appreciation in Bitcoin price during that same period. On top of that $133 million were left untouched on restricted funds accounts at month-end.

“As we march forward, our mission for 2023 is to strengthen the miners and maximize their production. With unwavering confidence in ourselves, Marathon can become one of the most expansive and energy-efficient Bitcoin mining establishments around the globe by adding 23 exahashes of computing power at midyear 2023.”

On the heels of BlackRock’s investment, Marathon is expected to report their Q4 results early next month. Analysts have anticipated a 19 cent per share loss for this quarter in contrast with 36 cents earned last year.

With 8.62 million shares now owned by BlackRock, which constitutes 7.4% of Marathon Digital assets. It is safe to say that investors are optimistic about what lies ahead for the company and its stakeholders!


Marathon Digital is the leading cryptocurrency mining company. It recently achieved an unprecedented level of Bitcoin production in January.

When Marathon mined a record-breaking 41.1 blocks of Bitcoin with its upgraded fleet of Marathon M30S+ miners throughout North America and Europe.

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