Two million dollars funds: Mokens comes live on Polygon

Two million dollars funds: Mokens comes live on Polygon

With two million dollars in funds, Mokens comes live on Polygon

The Mokens League, an NFT-based eSports platform, closes its $2 million seed fund, according to a press release from Coin Journal.

Mokens League is an online competitive gaming platform; that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent player avatars, items, and in-game currency.

The Mokens game economy is powered by the Enjin Platform Token (ENJ), which will also be used to back the value of Mokens.

Polygon reports that the multiplayer game platform for winning and earning in real-time; also announces its in-game currency, MOKA token, on their network.

Mokens are the first project to utilize MOKA and joins a growing list of applications built on Polygon; including Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

The $2 million seed fund was led by blockchain investment firm Kenetic Capital;

with participation from Arrington XRP Capital, Hashed, Divergence Digital Currency Fund, and blockchain VC firms Galaxy Interactive and Draper Associates.

Mokens plans to use the funds to grow its community of players and continue the development of its platform.

Integrating real-time sports to the blockchain

The main utility token in the ecosystem will be MOKA, which will be used for the company’s eSports activities.

Beginning with soccer, Mokens eSports plans to launch real-time sports games on the blockchain, and more sports are planned. 

MOKA may be used to wager on competitive “Win to Earn” playlists in the pot. Players use the token to join matches and wait in line until similarly; skilled opponents join, just like they would with Bitcoin

The prize pool is distributed among the winners. The cost of using Mokens League as a service is quite low.

“Mokens is one of the most promising projects in the NFT space that we have seen,” said Doo Wan Nam, Managing Partner at Hashed.

Free to play version

Newbies may play for free in the free-to-play version without risking real money. To get started early, purchase fundamental NFTs. 

According to Martin Repetto, Monsters League Studios CEO:

“While we are thrilled and hopeful about the tremendous rise in crypto-based gaming.

We cannot help but notice that there is a serious issue right now with previous “play to earn” games.

That gives people rewards for simply spending time on a game that doesn’t work.

This is not entertaining or difficult, and it isn’t sustainable.

NFTs and tokens may be appealing to players who want to play our games, but again;

what will keep them hooked is outstanding gameplay and eSports features.

Competitive eSports are the world’s longest-running games right now.

That is why our main objective is to develop a game that people will enjoy playing; which is simple to begin and difficult to master.

Future outlook of Mokens NFT

The future of Mokens NFTs appears to be quite bright, with club management features, metaverse gameplay.

And metaverse assets such as decorations and stadiums. Characters from the game will be transplanted into the metaverse.

The presale for MOKA tokens has now begun.

By the end of September this year, and before the public beta in the first quarter of 2023.

Mokens League will release private real-time multiplayer demonstrations.

This game is not just about Mokens or NFTs; Mokens are the fuel that powers the game. The real value is in the gameplay, community, and competition.

If we can provide a great experience for our players, the Mokens will have tremendous value.

This present funding is an incentive for Mokens enthusiasts, who are waiting for the right time to invest.

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