RockItCoin, a Bitcoin ATM operator, has today announced the acquisition of Tao Bitcoin. regional operator with most machines in the US.

The latest acquisition is part of RockItCoin’s plans. To seek value and cooperation among smaller and regional players who have Bitcoin ATMs. After the acquisition, there are now about 1,900 machines across 44 US states.

The president of RockItCoin Ben Phillips predicts that the company will most likely buy out more players in the next few months. Ben says:

“Our existing networks, relationships and operations are positioned for scalability at a time when many regional players are seeing their costs increase.”

The subject of additional acquisitions was also brought up by the RockItCoin CEO and founder Michael Dalesandro who says:

“We are always looking for ways to grow our business while still providing our customers with convenient, safe, and efficient brick-and-mortar locations to buy and sell cryptocurrency.”

Tao Bitcoin ATMs will be getting a new look

After the acquisition, Tao Bitcoin’s ATMs will be rebranded as RockItCoin. Tao Bitcoin founders John Taylor and Andrew Arterburn announced that they chose RockItCoin from several offers because of how “ values closely aligned with our own.”

The future outlook for RockltCoin

RockItCoin plans to continue expanding its presence in the cryptocurrency ATM market. RockItCoin CEO and co-founder, Michael Dalesandro, states that they are “constantly exploring new opportunities for growth, both through acquisitions and organic expansion.”

RockItCoin currently operates over 100 ATMs across the United States, making it one of the largest providers in the country. With this acquisition, RockltCoin continues to solidify its position as a major player in the Bitcoin ATM industry.

This acquisition follows RockItCoin’s recent partnership with CoinFlip, another leading cryptocurrency ATM operator, to offer an expanded network of ATMs for customers.

RockltCoin also recently launched a mobile app that allows users to locate and manage their transactions at RockltCoin ATMs.

Tao Bitcoin, founded in 2015, operated a network of 8 ATM locations in the Chicago area. This acquisition will allow RockltCoin to expand its presence in the Midwest region. And further, solidify its position as a leading provider of cryptocurrency access.

By providing convenient access to cryptocurrencies. RockItCoin and Tao Bitcoin are making it easier for individuals to participate in the growing digital currency market.

With RockltCoin’s continued expansion and advancements in technology, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is becoming more accessible for everyday users.

What does this mean for the crypto space?

RockItCoin’s acquisition of Tao Bitcoin shows confidence in the future growth and mainstream adoption of digital currencies.

As RockltCoin continues to grow and make buying and selling cryptocurrencies easier. We can expect to see an increase in participation from both individuals and businesses in the cryptocurrency market.

RockltCoin CEO, Michael Dalesandro, states in a press release, “We are excited to add Tao to our RockItCoin family. This acquisition will expand RockItCoin’s presence in the Midwest and allows us to better serve our customers.”

About RockltCoin

RockltCoin is one of the largest and fastest-growing Bitcoin ATM companies in the United States, with over 250 ATMs across 26 states. RockItCoin aims to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone by providing convenient locations and a user-friendly interface.

About Tao Bitcoin

Tao Bitcoin is a Midwest-based Bitcoin ATM company with over 40 locations in the region. The acquisition of Tao Bitcoin allows RockItCoin to increase its presence and strengthen its position in the Midwest cryptocurrency market.


RockItCoin, a leading Bitcoin ATM firm, has acquired Tao Bitcoin to increase its presence in the Midwest cryptocurrency market. This follows RockItCoin’s recent partnership with CoinFlip to expand its reach even further.

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