The existence of cryptocurrencies has introduced a new understanding of the world of decentralized monetary value. Today, it stands out to be a renowned phenomenon promising to become a ‘big thing’ in the coming future. The primal levels of unawareness among people and other administrative bodies about cryptocurrencies have been slowly descending, thus signaling towards its growing importance. Beyond the media hubbub, there still prevails a certain amount of obliviousness among the people about the ‘who’s and what’ of the crypto economy. To negate this divide, CryptoKnights has come up with podcast sessions featuring some of the best minds in Crypto. These podcast episodes promise to help you catch up with the latest trends and technology behind cryptocurrencies. Here, we disintegrate every complex understanding spoken by Crypto Gurus and further curate them in a manner that is easy for you to consume. So, if you’re looking to learn about crypto, or wanting to invest and hit those big numbers in the future market, Cryptoknights are your next destination on your browser’s search bar.