What is pionex exactly?

Pionex is world’s first cryptocurrency exchange offering free integrated auto trading robots. It is an automated crypto trading platform that was established in 2019 and has been one of the fastest-growing platforms in the crypto industry.

The company is currently holds a Monetary Authority of Singapore License (MASB) and a USA Money Services Business Licence (MSB). Binance and Huobi Global are used to aggregate liquidity engines. The bots can match orders 24/7. Pionex is supported by BitUniverse and has been invested into by prominent Chinese venture capital company ZhenFund Capital.

Pionex: How it Works

Pionex is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers tools to build customizable, automated strategies. Pionex offers 12 trading bots free of charge to help traders both new and experienced. This allows them to reduce the need for constant market monitoring. Copy trading is also available on the platform, which allows novice traders to follow top traders’ strategies.

Pionex crypto trading robots

Pionex is the first exchange that focuses exclusively on trading bots. Below are some of the crypto trading bots that are available on the platform.

Trailing Buy

Adds to an asset when its value falls. If the price turns, buying ceases

Trailing Sell

You can place trailing stops on your orders to minimize potential losses in case of sudden market shifts

Smart Trade

By buying and selling with trailing stops or fixed stops, you can take advantage of market trends without taking any risk.

Grid Trading

Purchases and sells orders within the specified price ranges to secure small, stable profits from standard volatility. This is a great tool for beginners and newcomers to automation.

Reverse Grid

Your holdings increase as coin prices fall. This product is used to sell coins when prices exceed predetermined upper and/or lower limits.

Margin Grid

Profitable without crypto coins: You can lend some Pionex users yours and earn additional capital to support trading.

Leveraged Grid

Uses leverage to increase the results of the standard Grid Bot. Available with 1:2, 1:1.5, 1:2 and 3 leverage rates

Leveraged reverse grid

To increase your trading results and profits, add leverage to the standard revers grid bot. There are three levels of leverage available: 1:1.2, 1:1.5, 1:1.5, 1:1, 1:2 and 1:1.3.

Infinity Grid

It is a more sophisticated profit release strategy that is similar to grid bot. It uses percentages and has no upper range limit. Ideal for investors who believe the market will rise.

Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP)

Purchases and sells large quantities of cryptos in smaller orders for a given period. This results in an average asset price

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

Repeated purchases at regular intervals are a way to counter the volatility effects

Spot Futures Arbitrage

A bot to trade futures markets. It capitalizes on differences in market prices between spot and futures. Targets APR returns of 15% – 50% Pionex SAFU compensation is also offered up to a maximum of 50,000 USDT

Pionex bots have different goals and uses. Pionex offers a variety of trading bots that can be used to trade in changing market conditions.

Pionex can be described as a Liquidity back engine

Pionex’s bots can be run 24/7 thanks to the combination of Binance and Huobi Global liquidity. Pionex is able combine the liquidity of these two top global exchanges so it can ensure that the bots are always performing to their best.

Around 60% of Binance orders and Huobi orders have been aggregated and are available to Pionex traders and bots. There are always some fake orders in the order books, which is why it isn’t 100%. These two brokers supply 60% of the liquidity needed to allow Pionex to operate properly.

Very low trading fees

Pionex works as a market maker with Binance and Huobi Global. As such, it receives very low fees from these exchanges. The exchange charges 0.05% per trade which is more competitive than Binance & Kucoin’s 0.1% and Cryptohopper’s 0.15% per transaction. Pionex trading robots can be implemented without additional fees.

Market maker programs are available to those who have a trading volume of 300,000. USDT. Clients have the option of 0% maker fees while takingr charges are 0.05%.

Pionex: Cryptocurrencies

Pionex supports many cryptocurrencies. Users can trade over 120 assets with a wide variety of trading pairs.

Pionex can you deposit fiat currency

No, withdrawals and deposits are in cryptocurrency. When transferring between exchanges, or when trying to maintain trading capital, stablecoins like USDT can be used to avoid price fluctuations.

Pionex: Pros and cons

Pros Cons
12 trading bots that are free to use Fiat currency is not supported
Mobile friendly No demo account
Trading fees are low
Can be used to fund the account with 40 coins
Regulated in Singapore and the USA

Conclusion: Pionex is a great platform!

Pionex sees cryptocurrency trading differently. High volume investors seeking low fees and quick trades can use Pionex. Technology is at their forefront. There are 12 trading bots available that can be customized to market conditions. It provides detailed information on the bots’ operation and can be used to help users decide which strategy and bots are best for them.

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