MetaMask, one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets on the market, may soon introduce its own coin. In the future, the formal launch might be accomplished with an official airdrop, however there are certain factors that people should consider if they wish to participate or qualify for the airdrop.

Here are a few actions that may help you qualify. These are the many measures MetaMask users may take to increase their chances of qualifying for the long-rumored token airdrop from the wallet.

MetaMask Token on the Way?

MetaMask is the most popular Web3 wallet, and rumors of a token airdrop for active users have been circulating in the cryptocurrency community for years. ConsenSys founder and CEO Joe Lubin has suggested on many occasions that a coin is in the works, but the business has yet to divulge specifics. Interestingly, ConsenSys just created the MetaMask Grants DAO, an employee-led effort to assist developers outside of ConsenSys who are trying to grow the MetaMask ecosystem.

Airdrops have been highly popular in the cryptocurrency industry since they were an excellent method for projects to attract consumers and encourage them to interact with various networks and tokens. As a result, MetaMask issuing its own coin as an airdrop might be one of the nicest things this key cryptocurrency project could do in the cryptocurrency industry.

Despite this potential, nothing is guaranteed, and many things might happen in the future, especially because the market has been in a bear trend since November 2021. Nonetheless, strong initiatives continue to develop new solutions and provide new services to customers and the crypto sector as a whole. This is why it is critical to keep up with MetaMask advancements.

The action might indicate that the firm intends to decentralize the project. ConsenSys reached a $7 billion value with a $450 million Series D fundraising in March, implying that company might possibly pay out large sums to consumers. However, because the wallet is widely utilized by crypto natives of all hues, qualifying for the airdrop may be difficult. Here are several measures MetaMask users may do to increase their odds of acquiring the wallet’s token whenever it becomes available.

1. Exchange Tokens on MetaMask

If you don’t already have a MetaMask wallet, you’ll need to create one. To begin, install the browser extension or mobile app, establish a wallet, save your seed phrase somewhere secure, and fill your wallet with with ETH.

Token swapping is simple on MetaMask. Simply click the blue Swap button next to the Buy and Send symbols on the main menu. Exchange some ETH for any token of your choice, but leave enough ETH in your wallet to cover transaction costs.

2. Make use of the MetaMask Bridge

MetaMask has released a bridge that allows users to transfer cash from one blockchain to another. Connect your wallet to the MetaMask bridge, choose Ethereum as your first network, another network to transmit to (Polygon, Avalanche, or BNB Chain), and then bridge over ETH, MATIC, DAI, USDC, or USDT tokens.

Again, make sure you have the native token of your second network in your destination wallet to pay for gas expenses. Otherwise, because MATIC is Polygon’s native token, an easy approach is to bridge MATIC from Ethereum to Polygon.

3. Install a Gnosis Safe Wallet

In February, ConsenSys and Gnosis Safe announced a cooperation to strengthen wallet security, so MetaMask may reward Gnosis users.

Go to Gnosis Safe, link your wallet, and follow the instructions to establish a multisig Safe wallet to begin utilizing the product. You’ll need to choose Ethereum as the network, name your new wallet, submit at least two addresses as the wallet’s “owners” (you may establish a new MetaMask account and enter that address with the one you’re already using), and pay a tiny transaction fee.

4. Make a donation using Gitcoin.

ConsenSys has significant links to Gitcoin, having assisted the Ethereum-based contribution platform in its early days until it went independent in 2021. Donating to Gitcoin may therefore boost your chances of receiving a MetaMask airdrop. To give, first establish a GitHub profile, then go to the Gitcoin Grants website, link your MetaMask, find a Grant project you like, add it to your cart, check out, and enter the amount you wish to donate (and in which currency). We recommend contributing at least $10 because any qualification requirements may have a minimum donation restriction to avoid airdrop farming.

5. Register for Infura

Infura was bought by ConsenSys in October 2019. Infura is regarded as one of the premier blockchain infrastructure systems in the world, and it also natively supports MetaMask. Infura is striving toward decentralization and has started an early access program to enlist the assistance of community members. Sign up by filling out a form on the company’s website; however, Infura is searching for employees with experience in blockchain infrastructure. You may also learn more about how to become involved by visiting ConsenSys’ Discord channel.

Last Thoughts

Airdrop hunting is more of an art than a science, and it takes some chance. Even if you complete all of these processes, it is not assured that you will be able to claim MetaMask tokens after they are released by ConsenSys. Some airdrops, like as the APE token giveaway by Bored Ape Yacht Club, were incredibly profitable. Others, such as Optimism’s OP token distribution, were divisive owing to their stringent qualification conditions. Nonetheless, following the methods outlined in this article is worth the time and effort if they pay off.

MetaMask’s ecosystem may continue to develop in the future, crossing over to Polkadot, Solana, and other chains. Due to the obvious project’s extraordinarily high number of users and transactions, MetaMakes may establish a specific threshold for airdrop, such as the total value threshold of the numbers kept in the wallet, the transaction volume threshold on MetaMask Swap, and so on. Learning how to utilize MetaMask is an essential ticket to enter the world of DeFi and embrace the future of Web 3.0, regardless of whether the future airdrop occurs or if there is a chance to participate.

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