In 2022, who will accept Bitcoin?


In 2022, who will accept Bitcoin?
It’s no secret that Bitcoin has been on a roller coaster ride in recent years. Regardless of the ups and downs, one thing is certain: Bitcoin is here to stay. However, before you purchase any bitcoin, you may be wondering who takes bitcoin as payment. Because bitcoin is still in its early stages and many businesses are concerned of price volatility, the number of firms that take bitcoin is still rather modest. This number, however, is rising by the day as more and more businesses recognize the benefits of taking bitcoin as payment.

We anticipate that the number of businesses accepting bitcoin will have increased dramatically in the near future. This is attributable to a variety of circumstances, including the rising stability of Bitcoin’s price, the global acceptance of cryptocurrency, and the expanding number of individuals who own Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has various advantages. Here are a few of the most notable:

Bitcoin is a worldwide currency: Over 200 nations accept Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is safe because transactions are verified and recorded on a publicly distributed ledger known as a blockchain. This makes Bitcoin transactions safe and reliable.
Bitcoin transactions are public, but the sender and recipient of the transaction remain anonymous.

Who Takes Bitcoin?
A lot has happened in the last 12 years: cryptocurrency now plays an even larger part in our society than it did previously, and its use is now global.
Its application is also cross-border. A rising number of businesses are eager to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment in this quickly evolving digital world.

Several popular brand names, such as Paypal and Tesla, have begun to accept Bitcoin payments. But does Microsoft take bitcoin? The answer is yes. However, the list of businesses that take Bitcoin is constantly expanding, and it includes both small and large corporations. With over 23,000 locations worldwide where you can spend BTC, it’s clear to understand why the cryptocurrency has grown in popularity. You may already be utilizing this money in your everyday life by purchasing things from websites that accept it as a payment option or through e-payment systems such as PayPal.

In terms of real establishments, there is now an increasing number of them that allow you to spend your Bitcoin holdings directly. While these businesses are not as common as websites that take bitcoin, they nevertheless offer Bitcoin users with a crucial physical presence.

Here is a list of well-known providers and sellers willing to take bitcoin. Remember, this is not a complete list of companies in the business, but it should give you a sense of how far cryptocurrencies have progressed!

Tech Firms Embracing Bitcoin

As Bitcoin’s popularity develops, a growing number of technology firms have begun to accept bitcoin as payment. Here is a list of businesses that take bitcoin, the majority of them are internet merchants. Bitcoin is also available.


Since 2014, Microsoft, one of the industry’s most well-known firms, has allowed clients to add money to their Microsoft accounts using Bitcoin. Bitcoin may be used to buy applications, games, and other digital products.

Microsoft has stated that it will accept bitcoin as payment for goods done on its Windows or Xbox storefronts, but not on its online store. Bitcoin may be used to buy applications, games, and other digital products. This is an amazing step given how poorly Microsoft embraced bitcoin in previous years, but it also means that there are certain limits in place that prohibit users from directly purchasing apps with cryptocurrencies.


AT&T was the first mobile provider to accept cryptocurrency payments via BitPay and one of America’s major wireless providers, with over 30 million subscribers on its network, has recently announced that it will provide its consumers access to virtual currencies. This implies that any AT&T customer or company may use Bitcoin (BTC) to purchase products from GooglePlay Services by simply linking their bank account.


Substack, a platform that enables writers to publish and distribute newsletters to their readers, has announced that it would begin taking Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for its services. This decision follows the company’s $15 million Series B fundraising round spearheaded by Andreessen Horowitz., a website creation and hosting provider, stated in January 2019 that it has began taking Bitcoin as payment for its items in 2019. With this change, WordPress joins a growing list of online businesses that accept bitcoin payments.

The Dish Network

In August of 2014, Dish Network, a large satellite TV provider, began taking Bitcoin. Customers may pay for their monthly TV service with Bitcoin, according to the business. Dish Network has also collaborated with Coinbase to provide consumers with the option of paying with Bitcoin via the Coinbase wallet.


For its yearly and monthly subscriptions, ExpressVPN, a renowned VPN service provider, takes bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance’s token PAX, and XRP, as well as USD Coin (a stablecoin backed by the US dollar).


Namecheap, a domain registrar and web hosting firm, has begun taking Bitcoin.

In March 2013, Namecheap, an internet domain registrar and web hosting firm, began taking Bitcoin. Customers may use Bitcoin to pay for domain names and web hosting services. Namecheap has also collaborated with BitPay to provide clients with the option to paying using Bitcoin via the BitPay wallet.

Platforms for e-commerce

A growing number of online e-commerce platforms are beginning to accept Bitcoin as payment., one of the first Bitcoin adopters, began accepting the cryptocurrency in January 2014. Since then, the company’s revenues have steadily increased, and it has been outspoken about its support for cryptocurrencies.


In August 2014, Newegg, an online electronics shop, began accepting Bitcoin. The firm sells anything from computer hardware and software to household appliances and jewelry. Customers may use Bitcoin to purchase things from the company’s website. Newegg has also teamed with BitPay to allow users to purchase using Bitcoin via the BitPay wallet.


In November of 2017, Shopify, an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to construct online stores, announced that it will begin taking Bitcoin as payment. With this step, Shopify becomes one of the largest firms to begin taking cryptocurrencies., one of the first well-known firms to take Bitcoin, began accepting the cryptocurrency as payment in January 2014. The firm is a big online store that sells a wide range of products such as furniture.

Fintech businesses


In November of 2017, Square, a mobile payments business, began taking Bitcoin. Customers may use Bitcoin to pay for things purchased using the Square Cash app. Square has also teamed with BitPay to allow users to pay using Bitcoin via the BitPay wallet.


In January 2018, Robinhood, a commission-free stock trading website, said that it will begin enabling consumers to trade cryptocurrencies on its platform. Customers can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin with the company. Robinhood has also collaborated with Coinbase to enable consumers to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies using the Coinbase wallet.


Intuit, a financial and tax preparation software provider, has announced that it would begin taking will begin taking Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for its items. This decision comes after the business invested in Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service, in a Series C fundraising round.


Gyft, a firm that allows users to buy, mail, and redeem gift cards for various retailers using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, began taking Bitcoin in 2013. Since then, the company’s services have extended to cover Ethereum and Litecoin.

Gaming and entertainment

Twitch is a live streaming network that has evolved to become one of the largest in gaming. It promotes gamers from across the world who use NOW payments and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or litecoin for the convenience of their fans since it allows for faster transactions at a cheaper cost than standard techniques such as credit cards


Steam is a video game digital distribution platform. The firm stated in December 2017 that it will begin taking Bitcoin as payment. Customers may use Bitcoin to buy games, software, and other products via Steam’s website.


HumbleBundle is ideal for both gamers and digital collectors. The Humbler bundles are a collection of high-quality games, ebooks, and software that can be purchased with bitcoin.


Zynga, the maker of famous mobile games including Words With Friends and Farmville, began taking Bitcoin in 2014. Customers may use Bitcoin to purchase in-game products from the firm. Zynga has also teamed with BitPay to provide users with the option to pay in bitcoin.

Zynga has also teamed with BitPay to allow users to pay with Bitcoin using the BitPay wallet.

Food Corporations


Subway, the well-known sandwich company, began accepting Bitcoin in 2013. Customers may use Bitcoin to purchase things from the company’s website.

The Pink Cattle

The Pink Cow is a Tokyo-based Japanese restaurant that was the first in the city to take Bitcoin in February 2014. Customers may pay for their meals and drinks with Bitcoin at the restaurant.

Coffee with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Coffee is a Prague coffeehouse that began taking Bitcoin in November of 2014. The café exclusively accepts Bitcoin as payment.

Old Joe’s
In November of 2014, Old Joe’s, an American diner in Aspen, Colorado, began taking Bitcoin. Customers may pay for their meals using Bitcoin at the diner.
Whole Foods Market
Because of the integration with the Speedn app, you may now use bitcoin at your local Whole Foods and receive discounts on specific goods in exchange.
Pizza for Money
Pizza for Coins is a service that allows clients to use Bitcoin to purchase pizza from various pizza shops. Customers may use Bitcoin to pay for their pizzas using the service.

The Travala team is dedicated to making travel more accessible to everyone. They have worked with over 600 airlines.
They have collaborated with 600+ airlines and 2 million hotels worldwide, making it easier than ever to plan your next journey without any difficulty or uncertainty. is one of the world’s fastest-growing travel firms, and they accept AVA, their native token, as payment for bookings.
When it comes to bitcoin acceptance in air travel, CheapAir is in the forefront. The firm has guaranteed that if you pay for your airfare using this cryptocurrency, they would cover up to $100 USD of what is left after payment—which means there will be no surprises after we board our aircraft! In other words, if those fares fall after being purchased from Coinbase wallets the first $100 USD will still be protected by the company’s insurance guarantee, so there’s no need to worry about losing money due to unplanned delays or cancellations.
More Stamps Global
More Stamps Global now accepts bitcoin as payment for flights and hotels, in addition to other cryptocurrency-based payment methods. This is a growingly popular platform that also facilitates trip transfers, vehicle rental services, and other travel-related activities.
BTC Trip
BTC Trip is a travel firm that lets users book flights and accommodations using Bitcoin. Since 2014, the firm has started taking Bitcoin.
Expedia is a travel booking company that accepts Bitcoin for booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. Since 2014, the firm has accepted Bitcoin.
In December of 2014, AirBaltic, a Latvian airline, began taking Bitcoin for travel tickets. Customers may use Bitcoin to pay for their flights with the airline.
TravelbyBit is a firm that focuses in cryptocurrency-based tourism. Customers may use Bitcoin to pay for their flights, hotels, and rental vehicles. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has collaborated with TravelbyBit.
Reeds Jewelry Store
REEDS Jewelers was among the first to accept bitcoin, letting consumers to spend their money in both physical and online storefronts. In addition to premium timepieces and jewelry, they provide in addition to facilitating refunds for bitcoin transactions! However, please keep in mind that combined payments through BTC or other acceptable ways are not yet supported.
One of the world’s largest precious metals firms now accepts bitcoin as payment for its products! This implies that APMEX has you covered whether you want to invest in gold, silver, or platinum. Furthermore, because they’ve been in business for over 20 years, you may be certain that you’re in excellent hands.
Bullion JM
JM Bullion is a precious metals store that now accepts bitcoin for gold and silver purchases. The firm provides a secure way to buy precious metals with bitcoins and offers free shipping on orders over $99 USD.

Peter Schiff, who has been one of the most vociferous Bitcoin opponents online and bills himself as a financial expert, nonetheless takes bitcoin payments from clients who use BitPay to rapidly convert their bitcoins into US dollars.
Other Bitcoin Accepting Services
The free online encyclopedia Wikipedia supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through BitPay.
SaveTheChildrenNetwork is a global organization that was among the first to accept cryptocurrencies in 2013 and continues to do so today!
European Management and Technology School in Berlin (ESMTB)
ESMTB was the first higher education institution in Germany to accept BTC.

To summarize, more and more businesses are beginning to see the benefits of taking Bitcoin as a means of payment. Regardless of whether it’s for convenience, security, or publicity, it’s evident that Bitcoin is here to stay and will only grow in popularity in the coming years. Accepting Bitcoin transactions allows your company to remain ahead of the competition and tap into a growing community of prospective clients.

Whether you’re a jeweler, precious metal trader, or simply wanting to invest in bitcoin, it’s critical to remain current on the newest news and changes in the cryptocurrency industry. Technology’s shifting tides might be tough to keep up with, but by knowing the fundamentals of how Bitcoin works and keeping an eye on the newest news and developments, you’ll be better equipped to make educated business decisions.

The Near Future

Bitcoin’s future appears to be bright. More and more companies are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. And as Bitcoin grows more popular, its value is expected to rise more. Accepting Bitcoin gives you access to a growing population of prospective clients.

Thank you for reading! We hope this article was useful. Visit our website for additional information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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