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What is SwftCoin?

SWFT is a cross-blockchain cryptocurrency transfer platform, similar to Shapeshift and Changelly. SWFT is currently available as APP, website and API formats. They claim to leverage artificial Intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies to integrate the world’s major exchanges to effectively hedge risks and provide customers with an easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency transfers. SwftCoin is SWFT’s token utilized to transparently facilitate transfers.


Genesis Date N/A
Type Asset
Protocol ERC20
Available supply SWFTC
Total supply SWFTC

Purpose of the token

SwftCoin, based on the ERC20 protocol by Ethereum, is a decentralized blockchain asset.

I. SwftCoin is the recommended payment method for transaction fees across SWFT's platform.

II. Customers can also use SWFT at main transfer platforms and OTC Markets. When using SwftCoin, the primary payment method on SWFT, users will get more discounts.

III. SwftCoin is the only payment method for service fees. SWFT says to collaborate with traditional financial institution and cross-border payments companies. They provide them with blockchain solutions and use SwftCoin for the settlement fees.

Latest SwftCoin (SWFTC) News

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