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What is SHACoin?

Similar to Peercoin

SHACoin is the first pure PoS SHA256 based coin. SHACoin is pure Proof of Stake coin (With exception of the initial distribution phase, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin.)

SHACoin distributes its initial coins through 10 days evenly distributed PoW mining. No halves during the initial distribution phase thus ensuring a fair distribution. After the initial distribution, the network will not accept PoW.

SHACoin is SHA256 based cryptocurrency.
Algorithm: SHA256
Symbol: SHA
Block target: 60 seconds
Retarget: Every block
Current coin supply: 350 million+
Confirmations: 10
Maturity: 300.
P2P port: 25555
RPC port: 25556

Adopts a variable PoS rate with the following annual interest rate: 5%
Min stake age: 48 hours, no max age.

About SHA

Genesis Date 20 January 2014
Type Currency
Protocol PoS
Available supply SHA
Total supply SHA

Purpose of the token

SHACoin (SHA) has been developed as a cryptocurrency to mine using ASIC mining rigs.
There is no underlying asset providing value to this coin.

Latest SHACoin (SHA) News

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