BOTLabs, the leading provider of B2B blockchain solutions announces the launch of web3name.

A new naming solution for the decentralized web, at Paris Blockchain Week.

With web3name, businesses can create unique names for their decentralized applications and websites that are easy to remember and share.

It is powered by BOTLabs’ BOTChain, the first B2B blockchain platform designed specifically for the needs of enterprises.

“The launch of web3name is a major milestone for BOTLabs and our mission to make blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly for businesses,”

says BOTLabs CEO Phil Chen.

You can link this name to addresses on KILT and across the Polkadot ecosystem, making it the perfect way to give your business a presence on the decentralized web.

Increasing the number of verification layers

Users may also add their Twitter, Twitch, GitHub, email, and other SocialKYC details to their account, as well as link it to third-party services like Facebook.

Web3, an era of a special digital identity

Clients are entitled to one web3name per identity, however, they may create numerous identities with distinct web3names for each: such as professional identity, collator identity, gaming identification, and so on. 

A web3name is like an email address, but for the decentralized internet.

With a web3name, users can finally have a special identity on the decentralized web that they control and that cannot be taken away from them.

In addition, a web3name is much more user-friendly than a long Ethereum address.

On KILT, a client’s digital identity is constructed from a decentralized identifier (DID): which is a special numerical sequence that only the client can define and any other credentials they decide to include.

A user’s DID can be used to verify their credentials and behavior on the decentralized web.

The web3name is built on top of KILT Protocol, the leading protocol for decentralized identity.

With the web3name, BOTLabs provides a unique and memorable way for users to identify themselves online.

The web3name is built on top of KILT Protocol, the leading protocol for decentralized identity.

Once the clients receive their names, they will always be theirs.

No one can claim it unless it is returned to the web3name universe. No extra costs or renewal fees will be charged.

Identity and KILT address

Like the previous identities, this one connects to your KILT address and any of your addresses over the Polkadot ecosystem.

This makes it easy for people to recognize you in the future when this functionality is extended beyond the Polkadot ecosystem.

Organizers and authenticators

The web3name can connect to any number of addresses on any blockchain in the Polkadot eco-system: using the KILT Sporran purse, (or any wallet that supports the polkadot.js extension API).

However, it is connected to the KILT blockchain.

This enables organizers of online and offline events to use the web3name as an easy way to identify attendees.

And give them a digital badge that they can take with them to any other event.

It also makes it possible for BOTLabs or other developers to create dapps that use the web3name as a means of authentication.

Improving identity

web3name is intended to improve identification. It’s not meant to be a complete substitute for an address; it’s only supposed to supplement it.

Although web3name may be linked to a location, it should not be treated as a full replacement for one since:

  • Users may abandon their web3name at any time, which could be taken up by another person with a distinct address.
  • Several addresses might be associated with the same name or identity.
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