While cryptocurrencies’ popularity continues to rise, as seen by last year’s bull market. There is still a significant demand for them to be integrated into the blockchain in real life.

The goal of ‘Bitsliced‘ is to combine blockchain technology with the physical world. Bitsliced will make it simple and intuitive to tokenize and fractionalize assets from a variety of sectors. Including gems, real estate, fine art, and other possibilities.

Sliced App overview

Sliced is a SocialFi app and exchange where users may mint and trade. Various NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and real-world assets are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sliced app lets you create a digital representation of any item that you own, like a piece of art or a car.

This helps to create a digital market where people can trade things across borders more easily. This also unlocks value for people through different revenue streams.

The Sliced app uses blockchain technology to provide a layer of security and transparency during all transactions. It will be possible to fractionalize and distribute assets’ ownership among different users (verified co-ownership) in the future.

Users will be able to download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Desktop users, who already own a copy of the program, can access it via the web browser version.

Special Characteristics

The Sliced app would be gamified to strengthen client engagement and retention. The app’s architecture will include badges and a leaderboard system, incentivizing clients to continue using Bitsliced’s services.

The Slice app will also include social networking components. Bitsliced will take an experimental approach to socialization via its NFT channels.

Users may use NFT channels as a personal digital space to connect and share their portfolios. And exhibit their NFT in the form of a “digital gallery.”

Sliced NFT channels will be a hangout for Bitsliced’s community, where they can trade and talk about their favorite topics.

Such as real estate, collectibles, fashion, and any other sector impacted by Sliced NFTs. Because of the prominent platforms, Bitsliced expects to develop a vibrant and active investor community.

Staking and yield farming are two ways to make money with the Bitsliced SocialFi app. When you stake or contribute to the network’s maintenance, you can earn a passive income. You can expect an annual percentage yield (APY) of 15% or 25%.

The SLICED token will be the main component of the app, allowing all transactions to take place. A 1% cashback is paid out for each transaction. With real estate transactions receiving up to eight percent cash back based on the broker.

The Bitsliced debit card will be released. Allowing customers to spend their crypto funds and cashback rewards on products or convert them into fiat.

Sliced NFTs – Legal Framework

We’ll be able to create universal digital certificates with a seal of trust thanks to Bitsliced’s unique Sliced NFT System. All certificates are one-of-a-kind NFTs that represent ownership of a particular asset.

Sliced, together with its network of partners and brokers. Will be in charge of making sure that all necessary legal checks are completed ahead of time.

Bitsliced’s unique code will check and certify the data’s validity, after which the NFT certificate will be minted.

About Bitsliced

BitSliced is a platform that enables anyone to create, collect, and trade tangible things on the blockchain. It is a decentralized system that allows users to mint, collect, and trade real-world assets on the blockchain.

The Bitslice biosphere includes a SocialFi app and NFT marketplace and provides an original business strategy for building a second digital economy.

Real estate, collectibles, fashion wearables, and other tangible items can all be transferred globally in an efficient manner.

The Bitslice app also includes social and gamified components, allowing users to share their NFTs, and compete against one another.

And display them in “digital galleries,” as well as the opportunity to stake and gain SLICE, the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency.

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