BitcoinX Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

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When compared to a number of other cryptocurrency apps available in the market in 2021, BitcoinX is the single most famous one. Let’s see if it can make you extremely wealthy or is it a hoax. 

A bit about BitcoinX

BitcoinX is an advanced cryptocurrency platform that allows you to turn in massive profits. It does this by scanning the markets for the best prices. The profits a person can make depend on how volatile the market is. So, you can make money if the market is going up or down. 

With BitcoinX, you get incredible tools for high-paced trades. An enormous amount of data is analyzed to assist you when you do trading, just like the pros. You do not need to be an expert because the system does this for you. The most work you’ll ever do is setting up your account. After that is completed, the platform does most of the work for you.

Many statements show that a lot of the users who had much success, stumbled upon the platform by chance with no prior trading experience.

The key is to remember that BitcoinX, a powerful platform, does bring lots of risks when trading on cryptocurrency. Thus, some could earn a lot, and some, on the other hand, could also lose a lot. With that said, you should only go into trading with money that you don’t need and don’t care to lose. Never play with your life savings on any trading platform.

How does BitcoinX work?

The magic behind BitcoinX’s platform is its algorithm calculations that mimic the pros in the cryptocurrency trading industry. In other words, the program trades in the same way that experienced successful investors would trade. This can be an asset to anyone regardless of trading skills or experience.

Even a handful of the creators of BitcoinX are real experienced traders themselves, one of them having gained millions. This successful millionaire is a successful software designer that has spearheaded the development of many trading systems, with BitcoinX the number one in the market. 

BitcoinX works closely with safe and highly honest trading platform brokers. The brokers are responsible for collecting the deposits and executing transactions. A method of checking if the trading program is safe is by checking the affiliated brokers. A trustworthy trading system will only collaborate and work with sufficient brokers.

Furthermore, BitcoinX allegedly offers high success which originates from the degree of leverage offered by the affiliated brokers. A select number of brokers provide leverage close to 1:1000. In other words, a €250 account could make trades valued at €250,000. A lot of leverage is a two-edged sword since, in the same way, it can bring strong returns, it can also produce great losses.

How to Trade with BitcoinX

As already mentioned, traders using BitcoinX do not need to have extensive skills or training in trading. The BitcoinX technology has an automatic feature, that after you set the preferences and attributes on trades, executes all the cryptocurrency trades for you. Just follow the easy guides and steps for smooth registration.


Go to the BitcoinX website, or use the form below and complete your personal details in the made available form. The next step is to register by providing the below details:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address 

BitcoinX requests you to confirm your email address, and telephone number by sending to your phone an SMS along with a link found in your email address.

Our extensive check of the platform showed that the verification procedure is fast and safe. An added benefit is that BitcoinX took every precaution for the safekeeping of your data. The website utilizes encryption codes, with a data safekeeping agreement, and they are GDPR verified.

Official BitcoinX Registration


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    Register your BitcoinX account through and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.


    Before one begins trading, all new users are required to deposit the minimum amount €250. This is not a fee to use the platform, it is money that you will use to make trades. BitcoinX generates small percentages on earnings that are made because it’s a license-free system for trading.

    The affiliated brokers working with BitcoinX welcome deposits made by Visa, Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer. We tested the system and can validate that deposits take about a minute to show up in an account and there are no fees for deposits.

    Live trading

    Should you choose to start the Live trading, you will need to the risk control attributes and them selecting “live button”. The risk control feature, helps you select the amount of money you are accepting to risk for every trade.

    To be able to collect the highest profits through this software, you would need to practice for 8 hours every day. This way, you guarantee that you are not risking higher than 10% for every trade. Don’t forget that the higher the risk you make for every trade, the higher the possibility of huge losses. You should always be ready for any outcome, whether it was favorable or not.

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    What are the most important features of BitcoinX?

    • Trades BTC and ETH as well as many of the top altcoins.
    • All trades are executed in real-time, taking under one second per transaction; even for deposits or withdrawals to your personal wallet! You can also deposit Bitcoin from external wallets as well. An extra advantage.
    • No verification is necessary: all users have their own unique URL address that is generated instantly after they sign up for an account. A new trader only needs to provide their name, email, and phone number to start trading right away.
    • You can make as many trades per day as you want; there are no limits.

    Advantages of BitcoinX


    Validity entails verification of who you are, which is simply your identity. When looking at BitcoinX’s validation numbers, we are talking 88%, something to be proud of. That number stands for the procedure and rules that each investor needs to pass to confirm their identity for the funds that they have on the system. The guidelines are extremely protective that the possibilities of the unconfirmed entrance are reduced.

    Ease of Use

    Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence work harmoniously to avoid any misperception. After you deposit the money, you follow the simple instructions to begin generating incredible returns.


    Probably the one task that you’ll do that is repetitive on the platform. Once you complete the withdrawal form, you submit it. It takes up to 24 hours for the process to be completed and for the funds to show up. 


    To stay the talk of the town, the platform must uphold its success rate of 96%. For this, it is the highest throughout all the trading systems, aiding in building trust that investments will produce significant gains.

    Pros and Cons of using BitcoinX



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    After considering the benefits and drawbacks, it’s reasonable to state that by joining the BitcoinX platform, a trader should be ready for any possible restrictions that they might encounter. If you start with a plan and strategy, you will be enjoying plenty of rewards.

    Trading advice for beginners

    There is a lot that you, as a trader, should be abreast of when beginning to trade cryptocurrencies. It might just seem like you complete the deposit and the system takes over, yet, our professional crew devised the below recommendations that are crucial for you to understand before beginning to trade with the platform:

    Study what trading is. Trading with cryptocurrencies can be a very intricate procedure. Thus, before you get started, it’s imperative to comprehend the basics. Once you understand trading, you’ll be able to configure the trading program to execute the tasks more successfully.

    Acquire more knowledge about cryptocurrency. It is essential to learn and get more information about the type of asset you will be trading with, especially when dealing with an extensive medium like cryptocurrency. 

    Begin using a demo account. You can use the live trading option immediately. However, it is best to start using the demo account. The reason is that you will become more familiar with the platform and its features and not be at risk of your investments. 

    Begin small. A smart approach is, to begin with, a minimal deposit and from there to increase your profits. You will be able to avoid more risk and, you will, at the same time, sharpen your trading skills. 

    Deposit money that you don’t mind losing. A major principle of trading is that you use funds that you don’t have a concern to lose. You are practicing good financial accountability. The trading industry has markets that are unstable, and money can be gained and lost at the same rate of speed, so you need to know that you can cope with losing your investment.

    BitcoinX Dashboard

    The display or dashboard on BitcoinX is very simple. Just select the live button to be able to start trading. The dashboard also provides you with a choice to change the risk level, however, we suggest that you keep them on their initial setting.

    To get the best out of the platform, you should get to know the dashboard very well. Go over all its functions. To make it easy, BitcoinX has a guide to follow when getting to know its dashboard.

    BitcoinX Trading Performance

    It has been reported that from a minimal deposit of close to €500, the BitcoinX system can build profits in the1000’s daily.  It is the advanced technology that the system uses for scanning the markets for winning crypto trades.

    It is so powerful that you can become a millionaire from deposits as low as €250. The standard trading wins that the system reportedly generates about €150 daily, and after this amount gets compounded, the total in that trading account can reach over €500k annually.

    The possibility of generating money is contingent on the following aspects. The amount invested, the risk level, and the number of trades executed.

    Was BitcoinX Featured on Dragon's Den?

    Dragons Den is a famous British program that places business tycoon dreamers in front of a group of successful entrepreneurs. The goal is to convince them to invest in your concept. Any idea invested in by the panel could become an immediate global sensation. We investigated to see if there was a connection between BitcoinX and the show, unfortunately we could not find evidence supporting this rumor.

    Was BitcoinX Featured on Shark Tank?

    A show very much like Dragons Den, Shark Tank, is located in the US. It lets business hopefuls pitch their ideas to a group of successful and very wealthy entrepreneurs. Just like Dragons Den they seek assistance in the form of investments from these sharks with deep pockets looking for promising new products or services that can make them richer than ever before! If a member of this panel invests in your idea it will be front page news across all media outlets worldwide – but we haven’t heard such an event because BitcoinX isn’t allowed within America’s borders just yet…

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    Was BitcoinX Featured on This Morning?

    The top UK show, “This Morning,” has been around since 1988. The program deals with many different topics like business news, interviews with celebrities and more. If BitcoinX were to be showcased in an episode of the series it would increase their popularity immensely as well as help its creators make millions in profits. It would also force them onto every social media platform making headlines for weeks and months afterward by generating a buzz that is impossible not to notice about this app or company among all others who are vying for attention at any given time period during which they may have been released into the market place within hours -or- days apart from each other; enabling users instant feedback when doing comparative research against competitor apps. Unfortunately we did not find evidence of BitcoinX featured on an episode of This Morning.

    Has BitcoinX Been endorsed by celebrities?

    BitcoinX has gained significant traction since its inception just last year – now being touted as “the future” by some experts across various industries. Not wanting to rely solely on gossip magazines or hearsay reports about this emerging technology (or worse yet having it be tainted with rumors), we decided to investigate what all the hype was actually worth ourselves! After careful research into their claims using a variety of investigative methods from internet searches through social media channels like Instagram, here are the results of our investigation are below:

    Does Gordon Ramsay Support BitcoinX?

    The global food and entertainment king, Gordon Ramsay is a huge success. His work as an author, chef on television shows such as Hell’s Kitchen has garnered him worldwide fame for the past decade or so. But given his expertise in these areas there are rumors he might be backing BitcoinX – since no concrete evidence of this claim was found it remains just that: mere rumor.

    Does Peter Jones Recommend BitcoinX?

    The British tycoon and investor Peter Jones is worth 500 million euros. He would be an excellent co-sponsor or investment partner for your product, as he could help with the promotion process to make it a mega success in no time at all. We checked out his past investments on Dragons Den but were unable to find any evidence that he has backed this platform yet.

    Does Elon Musk Use BitcoinX?

    Elon Musk is a self-made billionaire and the mind behind SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Solar City. He’s also an influential celebrity who can have dire consequences on markets worldwide with just one comment. For example if he were to come out in support of Bitcoin we would see headlines everywhere: “Elon Supports BitcoinX!” Our team could not find any evidence or clue that this has happened even after running strict internet scans!

    Does Trevor Noah Endorse BitcoinX?

    Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, has been rumored to be involved with BitcoinX. Many people are saying that he became wealthy because of his involvement in this cryptocurrency but it is actually from his comedic background and role on The Daily Show for which he got paid a lot more money than most comedians would make. There is no evidence yet as far as we know whether or not Trevor made any investments into BitcoinX so there’s really nothing else left to say about him using BitcoinX!

    Does Kate Winslet Recommend BitcoinX?

    Kate Winslet may be best known for playing Rose DeWitt Bukater from the blockbuster movie Titanic (1997), but now with so much interest about whether or not she’s using cryptocurrencies to trade online. However, When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, Kate Winslet is as silent as the Titanic. With a reputation for being all over tabloids and constantly in the spotlight, many fans are interested if she supports any crypto-trading platforms that can help them invest their money wisely. After an extensive examination of her past social media posts we found no evidence whatsoever supporting any one specific platform.

    Does Holly Willoughby Endorse BitcoinX?

    One of the UK’s most well-known and popular TV hosts, Holly Marie Willoughby has supposedly created a campaign for an unknown crypto trading platform. However, there is no evidence to suggest this allegation.

    Does Idris Elba Endorse BitcoinX?

    Idris Elba is an actor, Grammy-winning musician, and savvy investor. He’s also the star of a new series on Netflix called “Luther” in which he plays Detective John Luther; but what is Idris like when it comes to investing? Our team attempted to find proof that this man has anything to do with BitcoinX but could not find any evidence.

    Does Ant McPartlin Endorse BitcoinX?

    According to a recent article, famous TV star Ant McPartlin may have invested in Bitcoin. He is reported to be an actor as well as the producer/host of one of Britain’s top television shows and also makes music on the side. Is this rumor true? We cannot know for sure yet but it would not come as too much of a surprise if that were indeed the case given his interests outside Hollywood—he could very well see value in investing early into such innovative technology before any major setbacks are seen or experienced by others who do invest later down the line.

    Does Nicole Kidman Invested With BitcoinX?

    The Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman, worth €183 million and known for her roles in films such as Moulin Rouge!, has recently been the center of rumors swirling around a possible investment into BitcoinX. As it turns out, our team was unable to find any evidence suggesting that she is currently involved with this project – but we are not ruling anything out just yet!

    Andrew Forrest and BitcoinX!

    The Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, with a net worth of €9 billion has not been verified to have any investments in bitcoin. However, as his wealth comes primarily from mining and cattle business – it is possible that he does invest some portion into this cryptocurrency. It’s also true that the claims are unsubstantiated at best so take them with a grain of salt (or don’t). This doesn’t mean BitcoinX isn’t reliable- they’re just susceptible to marketing tactics used by marketers…

    Andrew Forrest’s fortune derives mostly from mining and cattle businesses which means there might be an opportunity for him to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin if he chose too do so!

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    Celebrities and their thoughts on crypto

    Bitcoin is an astounding technical feat

    This bitcoin is a great cryptographic triumph. Because of its capability to be produced and not be replicated in the online world has great worth.

    We chose to secure our money in the trust of a mathematical structure that is without any human mistakes, or political influences.

    Tyler Winklevoss (Co-inventor of Facebook) Tweet

    Like Virgin Galactic, a daring entrepreneurial technology, Bitcoin in the world of finance, is motivating a change.

    Richard Branson – Claimed to have invested in an app called BitPay $30 million Tweet

    I have bitcoins because I like them. It is a stored value that is registered correctly. Now is the ideal time to invest in bitcoin, as you see what is happening in the world. Look at Argentina, which has over 40% inflation bringing the dollar to be worth 60 cents a year due to a devasted government currency. It is good to invest in if you are okay with the risk. We will need to wait until the instability goes down

    David Marcus (CEO of Paypal) Tweet

    “Never knew that technology could make our lives less stressful I love it”. The world artist stated after she also makes it public that she would be happy to take cryptocurrency payments. “The world became one and united with this Bitcoin.”

    Mel B – will take bitcoin payments towards her new record Tweet

    This technology that’s driving bitcoin might be able to advance Facebook in the years to come.

    Bitcoin intrigues me. It shows ever sign. Paradigm shift, hackers adore it, however it’s riddled as a toy. Muchthe same as microcomputers.

    Bitcoin can affect financial institutions the way emails affected the postal industry.

    Rick Falkvinge (Founder of the Swedish pirate party) Tweet

    The worldwide web prior to the browser is how the Bitcoin feels at this very moment.

    Wences Casares (Founder of Banco Lemon) Tweet

    [Virtual Currencies] can offer long-term hope, chiefly if the innovations encourage a quicker, safer and more effective payment method.

    Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) Tweet

    I feel Bitcoin is the primary [encrypted money] that carried real possibilities to actually modify the world.

    Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of Paypal) Tweet

    The three eras of money: Commodity built, politically built, and today, math founded.

    Chris Dixon (Co-founder of Hunch now owned by Ebay, Co-founder of SiteAdvisor now owned by McAfee) Tweet

    Full classes of bugs are absent.

    Dan Kaminsky (Security Penetration Expert for Cisco and Avaya) Tweet

    This is money 2.0, a mega deal.

    Chamath Palihapitiya (Previous head of AOL instant messenger) Tweet

    There is no stopping the Bitcoin. The world will need to change for it and so too will global governments.

    Bitcoin will always be here. Hacker chaos would take place if someone tried to share the credit of the branding of cryptocurrency. And I would hate being the party on the accepting side of the hacker rage.

    Is BitcoinX A Hoax or Not?

    Per the user statements and our extensive review, we can safely say that BitcoinX is real. Having also run screening on the website additionally proved that the platform is dependable. For starters, they are very transparent regarding the way their technology and the way the system works. Plus, they are honest about real earning possibilities and continuously remind users of the risks involved. 

    Many similar trading platforms utilize ambiguous and dishonest claims regarding profit possibilities to persuade users to deposit and open accounts. We examined the trustworthiness of every testimonial. Another trick that is practiced by these trading platforms is not showing the partner brokers’ identity well after the user has made a deposit. The reason for this is because they have affiliates and partners located overseas who pretend to be brokers. 

    As covered in the previous paragraphs, all the brokers associated with BitcoinX, are strictly monitored. This principle means that they need to have designated accounts for deposits, and those accounts are monitored and must follow unique procedures. This method protects the user’s deposits so that it is used only for trading on the platform.

    BitcoinX: our conclusion

    In short, BitcoinX has developed a convenient instrument to assist in executing crypto trades. Even with the tool available, uses should have some basic knowledge of the trading world. There are plenty of claims on the internet of users generating money using this platform however, there may be differences in the total amounts as seen in testimonials.

    The platform’s strength can easily influence unskilled traders to the point that they immediately jump in and start trading.  We advise anyone, new users, to the world of trading, to do plenty of research. Many risks are involved in cryptocurrency trading. The main thing is to know how to lower your risk and to make intelligent choices while investing.

    BitcoinX is beneficial for professionals who know how to trade on the market round the clock because of its trading signals. These signals alert the trader to more rewarding trades. The only downside is the limitation on cryptocurrencies that are available on the system. So, there is not much leeway on investing with the crypto assets.

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    BitcoinX FAQs

    BitcoinX is an advanced software for trading on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, which could generate profits close to €1000 per day.
    BitcoinX has an app and a website where you can do your trading.

    The major advantage this trading platform offers is anonymity, which means there is no need to create an account with any personal information. You only need to provide a username/password combination in order to trade on this platform. People who want their trades anonymous, or people looking for privacy should consider using this application because it doesn’t require any sensitive data from its users when they sign up!

    A few other benefits include: fast transactions (no wait time), free deposits, low transaction fees, over 300 trading instruments are available on the platform, 24-hour customer service support.

    No, you cannot. The system automatically links users to brokers depending on which part of the world you reside in. All of these brokers affiliated with BitcoinX have been vetted and are experienced and reliable.

    No, it is not available in the US due to US laws when it comes to crypto CFD trading.

    BitcoinX looks to be safe end reliable.

    A good start is €250, the minimum required to begin trading. A smart strategy is this deposit amount and reinvesting the generated profits.

    BitcoinX permits the withdrawal of profits at the user’s convenience. All you need to do is complete a request form and allow 24 hours for processing.

    Yes, our crew examined the platform and validate that it is dependable and secure. As we noted before, the website has sufficient encryption, including a strict policy for additional protection of your details.

    The app uses a very low number of accepted cryptocurrencies. For now, the following are allowed on the platform:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • EOS (EOS)

    Yes. You can place a leveraged trade of up to 1:1000. For example, you are allowed to trade 1000 times the money you invested. This is due to the trading program linked with the cryptocurrency brokers providing the choice for leveraged trading. 

    Keep in mind the risks increase as the leverage goes up. Should trades not turn out the way you hoped, you could end up losing a lot, not to mention the initial capital. Which is why we suggest you begin with a small deposit.

    Sure. BitcoinX has long or short positions available to all their traders. You can additionally set terms for the system to follow for your trades. A user will opt to place a long position trade if he feels that the value of the currency will increase or a short position trade if the price is going to drop.
    Prior to signing up, you have the option to contact the BitcoinX customer service representatives via a live chat session on the website. Once you finish registering you can access customer support 24/7 by email, phone, or live chat.

    More Trading Systems

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