Short-Term and Long-Term Bitcoin Price Predictions

Short-Term and Long-Term Bitcoin Price Predictions

Bitcoin has captivated the world’s attention since its inception. It has risen from obscurity to become a financial hub and trend-setter. Being known as the “king of cryptocurrencies” has its drawbacks, and the market’s volatility makes predicting bitcoin’s viability difficult.

We’ll provide our Bitcoin Price Prediction in this post, which will cover both the short and long-term viewpoints as well as the safest place to buy Bitcoin — with no commissions!

2021-2022 Bitcoin Price Forecast

You’re in the right place if you’re seeking the best Bitcoin price forecast. This section contains our Bitcoin price forecasts for various timeframes derived through extensive study and analysis. The rest of this article will cover Bitcoin’s price in-depth, discussing possible outcomes and outlining the long-term outlook.

  • From early August to early September, we saw Bitcoin recover from a challenging few months to achieve peaks near $50,000. Our Bitcoin forecast is that the currency will rise even more, approaching the $70,000 mark come December 2021.
  • With the current Bitcoin price displaying strong positive momentum, we believe ample opportunity to return to a recent peak above $70,000.
  • Beginning of 2022 – By the start of 2022, the price of Bitcoin could have surpassed all-time spikes and be approaching $70,000 per coin.

Bitcoin Price History – Up to Now in 2021

If you’re trying to figure out how to buy cryptocurrencies to invest in Bitcoin, here is our Bitcoin price history data to give you an overview of the recent price trends. We’ll begin with a quick review of what Bitcoin is before delving into the Bitcoin price in real-time for some analysis.

Simply put, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that accepts transfer directly between users on the Bitcoin network. All Validation of Bitcoin transactions is through a ‘ledger,’ which employs blockchain technology. Intermediaries such as banks can be removed from the exchange process using this method, resulting in better anonymity and lower expenses.

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin’s exponential rate has been increasing. As more individuals began to purchase Bitcoin, the price continued to rise, with 2017 serving as the digital currency’s breakout year. Bitcoin peaked at around $19,000 in late 2017 but quickly dropped as the euphoria faded.

However, towards the close of 2020, it began to speed up as innovative and faster ways of performing transactions became necessary. Many retail traders started investing in Bitcoin, driving up the price. By early January 2021, the Bitcoin price had risen to $41,800, a new peak for cryptocurrency.

This increasing trend lasted until April 2021, when Bitcoin hit a record high of $64,800. At this point, investors worldwide were predicting that Bitcoin’s price would rise to $100,000 soon! However, it was not to be, as Bitcoin lost about 54% of its value between April and July.

The value dropped as a result of several causes. According to Fortune, one of the key reasons was Coinbase becoming public and Chinese governmental restrictions forcing financial institutions to quit providing bitcoin services. Furthermore, due to the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining, Elon Musk said that Tesla wouldn’t accept Bitcoin as a payment method for vehicles.

However, following a significant climb over the last month, the Bitcoin price is now at $49,947, having broken $50,000 twice in the previous three weeks. This rise is even more astounding in light of recent reports that the US government plans to enact tight rules that might impede the bitcoin trade. Bitcoin’s bullish momentum shows no signs of slowing down at the time of writing, prompting many traders to boost their BTC holdings.

Meanwhile, the first Bitcoin Futures ETF was created on October 19th, 2021, marking a new milestone for the bitcoin sector. Bitcoin Price began to rise, and past $63,000 once more, it has attracted global attention as a catalyst for widespread acceptance.

BTC’s price surged above $68,000 on November 9th, 2021, and is still struggling to break through the $70,000 resistance level. The current price of Bitcoin is $66,826.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Let’s look at our Bitcoin projection for the rest of the year. The section is divided into technical and fundamental factors to ensure that you thoroughly understand how we got at our Bitcoin forecast.


As mentioned in the previous section, the Bitcoin price has started rising over the last month after a sudden fall since April. They allow investors to flock to the best trading platforms to participate in the current market, which shows no signs of slowing down. Examining the Bitcoin price chart, we see that the currency has sailed over the $40,000 level of tough resistance and is now aiming for the $50,000 mark.

This level provides strong resistance since it is a psychological barrier that pricing must breach. Expect a few brief downturns in this area as price develops steam before moving forward. If it falls below $50,000, the price will likely rebound to this range and create support, laying the groundwork for the next push.

After briefly breaking through the $50,000 resistance level twice, the following approach is to figure for a support level that completes the day with a BTC price between $50,500 and $51,000. It would verify and signal a resumption of lively acceleration, with the market primed and ready to push towards $60,000 by late September 2021.

Our Bitcoin forecast for 2021 predicts that the currency will continue to rise, aiming for the $64,000 highs seen in April. As BTC rises in value, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash will benefit. As a result, we could witness a solid finish to 2021 in the cryptocurrency market.


The best part about Bitcoin is the wide range of applications, distinguishing it from many other cryptocurrencies. If you were to purchase Dogecoin, you would be doing so solely to profit from price gains. However, an increasing number of businesses are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a payment option, which will positively impact the price in the future.

According to CoinTelegraph, Amazon is about to announce that it will accept Bitcoin as a payment method on its online platform. Amazon first denied the rumors, but they persisted, and the company has even started hiring blockchain-based staff.

Also, recent stories indicate that Apple had secretly made a $2.5 billion Bitcoin acquisition. Even though these rumors have yet to be confirmed, they would be a massive boost to Bitcoin’s legitimacy. If businesses continue to employ Bitcoin in their operations, the price of Bitcoin will surely rise.

Bitcoin Price Forecast 2025 – Long-Term Prospects

Over the long term, our Bitcoin forecast is very positive. As mentioned in the previous section, Bitcoin has specific influential technical analysis and fundamental factors working in its favor. The Bitcoin prediction price will automatically be drawn to this level by the prior all-time highs, signifying a 41 percent gain from today’s price.

Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, two significant figures in the crypto world, have lately praised Bitcoin. People of this high standing are promoting Bitcoin to demonstrate its worth. Additionally, with major corporations like Amazon and Apple reportedly adopting Bitcoin, the future appears to be bright.

It’s also worth noting the hazards associated with this Bitcoin stock forecast. For one thing, China’s continual regulation is a constant threat to Bitcoin trade. The Chinese economy appears poised to play a significant role on the global stage in the future – and if China doesn’t accept Bitcoin, it could pose significant problems. Furthermore, persistent rumors concerning Bitcoin regulation in the United States do not appear to be going away, which would undoubtedly damage the coin’s price if proven genuine.

Our Bitcoin price prediction 2025 suggests that the digital currency might reach the mythical $100,000 mark with these considerations in mind. The Bitcoin journey will never be easy, and there will surely be bumps in the road. However, given the technical and structural elements at play, $100,000 is unquestionably a feasible aim.

According to a recent Forbes report, Bitcoin might be worth more than $300,000 per coin by 2025. Although this is possible, we predict Bitcoin’s upward trend will be more gradual.

Our Bitcoin price prediction 2030 follows the same path as our Bitcoin price prediction 2025, implying a more excellent value for the currency. We should expect a transition toward digital currencies during the next nine years, obviating the necessity for traditional FIAT currencies. Because Bitcoin was the “first mover” in this field, it’s only natural that institutions will prefer it over other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has a good chance of reaching $400,000 soon if this happens. As a caution, determining a precise amount is difficult because there are no technical factors to base this on. However, buying Bitcoin in the United Kingdom right now, the prospects for a bull market seem promising.

Bitcoin Price Prediction Chart

As our Bitcoin forecast shows, digital currency has more potential value in the coming years. The current price chart below depicts the price’s peaks and troughs in recent months due to positive and bad news for the crypto market. Nonetheless, Bitcoin’s price has been relatively stable over the last month, prompting speculation that this could be the start of the next price surge.

The reported ‘crypto tax,’ which would require the major crypto exchanges to reveal their income for taxation, is one of the biggest concerns for Bitcoin projections moving forward. Bitcoin and other cryptos intend to give users anonymity; Also, the benefit of crypto will cease to have value if regulation were to arise requiring brokers to disclose all of their financials.

Only time will tell if this happens. The next significant resistance level for Bitcoin is approximately $58,000, where the price is currently heading. If price can break through and consolidate at this level, it may offer the push needed to break through the April highs – and possibly beyond.

What is the Best Platform to Invest in Bitcoin?

We’ve covered all of the areas related to price possibility and future prognosis in this Bitcoin forecast. However, selecting an appropriate broker or exchange to enable your transaction is an essential component of investing in Bitcoin. You’ll have to choose a platform that allows you to invest safely and cost-effectively, similar to how you’d when purchasing stock. It will ensure that your trading is optimized.

Fortunately, we’ve done extensive research and testing of the various broker alternatives available, and we’ve established that eToro provides the ideal platform for people to invest in Bitcoin. To begin with, eToro has a superb global reputation, and the FCA and ASIC regulate this platform. Furthermore, if you are a UK-based trader, your capital will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

One of the best aspects about eToro is that they operate on a commission-free basis. Traders avoid the high transaction fees charged by other brokers, which may be as high as 3% of the position size. Instead, the cost charged by eToro is in the spread, which is typically very tight during busy trading hours.

The minimum deposit amount on eToro is $50, which you can deposit via a credit/debit card, a bank transfer, or a variety of e-wallets. It also accepts PayPal as a deposit option at eToro. If you choose to work with eToro, this effectively means that you can buy Bitcoin using PayPal!

Finally, eToro provides traders with many valuable tools, the most notable of which is the CopyPortfolio feature. Because of this feature, traders can invest in a professionally managed portfolio without paying any management fees. The ‘CryptoPortfolio,’ which includes a selection of major digital currencies, may interest crypto traders. An investment in this will provide a cost-effective and optimized method of entering the crypto market.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Price Prediction

So far in 2021, the crypto market has been quite turbulent, but as Bitcoin’s price begins to rise, now may be an excellent opportunity to add this crypto to your investing portfolio. eToro is an ideal place to start if you want to invest in Bitcoin right now. Finally, this article has offered our Bitcoin price forecast for the short and long term, ensuring that you have a thorough picture of this currency’s prospects.


What is the current Bitcoin price?

Bitcoin is currently worth $66,753 at the time of writing. It increases more than 80% from the beginning of the year.

What factors influence Bitcoin’s price?

A variety of factors influences Bitcoin’s price, many of which are related to supply and demand. Institutional adoption, celebrity endorsement, and the ‘buzz’ caused by market news impact Bitcoin’s price.

Where can I purchase Bitcoin?

Major brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges will let you purchase Bitcoin using FIAT currency. We advise utilizing eToro to buy Bitcoin because they don’t charge commissions and have a minimal minimum commitment of $50.

Why is Bitcoin increasing in value?

The Bitcoin price is now soaring due to solid rumors that Amazon and Apple are about to accept the cryptocurrency. These reports have resulted in significant purchases from retail traders, propelling prices up.

What will the value of Bitcoin be in 2022?

Our Bitcoin estimate for 2022 predicts that the coin will be worth more than $70,000 per coin based on the collected data and assessment.

What will the value of Bitcoin be in 2025?

Our Bitcoin price estimate for 2025 predicts that the currency might be valued at more than $100,000 by this time if it continues at its current rate rising trend.

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