Bitcode Prime Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?


Our Verdict: YES! Bitcode Prime Is Legit

After completing detailed research and studies, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Motion platform’s performance is legitimate and verified. If you are interested in a trial of the platform, we recommend you complete the form below and we will arrange for a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through the setup process.

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    Given the extremely volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, many traders have had to depend on slow-paced algorithms, which are always behind current market realities, resulting in significant losses for many traders, especially newbies. But guess what? All that is set to change with fantastic trading tools like Bitcode Prime to the rescue. Thanks to this superb software with a brilliant AI Predict feature, traders are guaranteed to make consistent returns on their investment as the software is able to predict quick movements while picking profitable trades in the financial market, allowing traders to relax and watch their profits reel in. 

    Since the Bitcode Prime software launched in 2009, it has continued to deliver up to 8x returns, a feat many cryptocurrency trading apps have not been able to replicate. 

    What is Bitcode Prime?

    If you have always wanted a great tool that allows you to make consistent profits from the crypto market, now is a fantastic time to get plugged into the Bitcode Prime trading system. This unique automated trading system promises to make investors money on autopilot. According to the Bitcode Prime trading system team, the software can deliver up to 85% accuracy. And guess the best part? The software never loses. How cool can that be? 

    However, with our years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, we know better than to be caught up in all of the hype and hearsay, that’s why we are using this opportunity to do a detailed review of the Bitcode Prime trading system to see if the platform lives up to all of its hype. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Bitcode Prime trading software



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    How does Bitcode Prime work?

    As we mentioned initially, the Bitcode Prime is a brilliant trading application that promises to make investors money on autopilot. To get plugged into this powerful trading software that is making investors millions, you’ll need to fund your trading account with a minimum deposit of €250. This money is enough to get you started on some basic trades. 

    After you must have funded your trading account, the Bitcode Prime trading software will generate an initial portfolio that will allow you to get started on some basic trades. You’ll also find instructions on setting up more advanced portfolios in case you want to go in big. After signing up for an account on the Bitcode Prime trading platform and funding your trading account, you should gain access to the backend of your account, where you’ll be able to access your account balance as well as transaction history directly from the dashboard interface. 

    We love the Bitcode Prime platform because they don’t charge investors any kind of fee for using their platform. Plus, the only time you get charged any fee is when making withdrawals to your bank account. And since the Bitcode Prime system promises to deliver consistent profits to investors, we doubt if this fee will be a problem. 

    Another thing that blows our mind about the Bitcode Prime software is that it features a sleek and easy to navigate interface that makes it easy for anyone to get started with cryptocurrency trading. So whether you have spent years in the crypto space or just starting, you’ll find the Bitcode Prime software worth giving a try. 

    Opening a Bitcode Prime account

    Before you get plugged into the Bitcode Prime trading system and start enjoying massive returns on your investment, you’ll need to first sign up for an account. And the process is quick and hassle-free. All you’ll need to do is fill the signup form with basic information such as name, email address and phone number, and you’re good to go. 

    Official Bitcode Prime Registration




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      Register your Bitcode Prime account through and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

      Bitcode Prime

      Why Bitcode Prime is a legit trading platform

      Have you been searching for an easy, safe and hassle-free way to invest in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies without needing to submit your personal financial information? Well, now is the perfect time to join the Bitcode Prime cryptocurrency trading system. 

      To get your cryptocurrency trading journey started using the Bitcode Prime software, you’ll need first to open an account on their website. Unlike other cryptocurrency trading systems, signing up for an account on the Bitcode Prime platform is easy, straightforward with no complicated verification process. Once your account has been verified and approved, you’ll be able to access all of the five options from the backend of your account: Deposit Funds, Make Picks, Trade now, Watchlist and Settings. 

      Besides the Settings option, all the other four options require KYC compliance from every customer. Additionally, the Settings option allows traders to customize settings such as their preferred time zone and how much data storage space they will need daily to view charts and other related items. 

      Using the Bitcode Prime software, traders will be able to trade up to 15 different cryptocurrencies, including top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And as if that’s not enough, the platform offers investors access to leading tools such as historical prices of different instruments available on the platform. With all these brilliant tools, it’s easy to see why the Bitcode Prime trading platform is the perfect platform for experienced and beginner traders looking to kick off their cryptocurrency trading journey. 

      One thing that puts the Bitcode Prime trading system in the league of its own is the brilliant demo account feature they offer. This clever tool is what every newbie needs to get their cryptocurrency trading journey started. While the demo account feature on the platform allows you to get some practice time up your sleeves while familiarizing yourself with cryptocurrency trading, it also allows users to gauge the performance of the Bitcode Prime trading platform to see if it lives up to all of its lofty promises. 



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      What are the most important features of Bitcode Prime?

      • Seamlessly trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top altcoins.
      • All trades entered by traders are executed in real-time. This also applies to deposits and withdrawals to your personal wallets. The cool part is that the Bitcode Prime system allows investors to deposit Bitcoin from external wallets. 
      • No complicated verification process to worry about. Plus, after signing up for an account, investors are provided with a unique URL address to access their account. To get plugged into the Bitcode Prime software, all you’ll ever need to provide is your name, email address, and phone number. 
      • The Bitcode Prime trading platform allows trader to execute multiple trades per day.

      What are the advantages of using Bitcode Prime?

      • Bitcode Prime is a reliable, fast, secure and hassle-free trading platform that allows investors to profit from cryptocurrency trading. Signing up for an account on this platform takes only a couple of seconds, after which investors can start trading their favourite cryptocurrency pairs. 
      • We love that the Bitcode Prime software debuts a simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to get started trading digital currencies. Regardless of your level of experience, you’ll most likely fall head over heels for this powerful software that is making investors millions in savings. 
      • They have a 24/hour support team that is always available to answer customer questions and queries, especially regarding how the system works. And you can reach out to their customer support team using multiple channels, including email, live chat, or phone calls.
      • The icing on the cake is that there are no transaction fees to worry about when purchasing Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency from the Bitcode Prime trading platform. What this means is that you’ll get your digital tokens credited to your account without paying anything extra. The only fee associated with the Bitcode Prime system is the withdrawal fee that come into effect when withdrawing your wins from this platform. 

      Bitcode Prime vs other Trading Robots

      Bitcode Prime

      Other Trading Robots



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      Some tips for beginner traders

      • Kick-off your cryptocurrency trading journey by demo trading for a while
      • While the Bitcode Prime trading platform is engineered to deliver consistent profit, it is always a smart idea to backtest your strategies.
      • Avoid trading for multiple hours, during weekends or holidays. 
      • Always wait for a pullback before executing new trades.
      • Never invest money you aren’t willing to lose.
      • Go for brokers or exchanges that tick all your boxes.
      • Make sure your preferred broker has strong security measures in place. 
      • Do some diggings to unravel your broker’s reputation. A good place to start is to see what other traders are saying about them online. This will help you know the potential risks of doing business with them. 

      Since it launched over a decade ago, the Bitcode Prime trading platform has been getting massive attention. There are even rumours that the cryptocurrency trading system is backed by top TV shows like Dragons Den, Shark Tank and This Morning TV show. Not just that, the Bitcode Prime software is believed to have been endorsed by world-renowned figures who believe that the platform will bring about global change. 

      Not wanting to be caught in all of the hype, we decided to do our diggings to determine if the Bitcode Prime trading platform was ever featured on any of these top shows. Read on to see our findings:

      Was Bitcode Prime Featured on Dragon's Den?

      There are lots of business shows in the UK today, but none garners as much viewership as the Dragons Den show. This fantastic business show provides a platform for business tycoon dreamers to pitch their business ideas to a team of wealthy entrepreneurs. Any pitch the team finds interesting ends up getting funded, either by one or two members of the Dragons Den team. 

      Unfortunately, after looking at multiple episodes and combing the internet for any clues, our team couldn’t find any concrete evidence that the Bitcode Prime trading software ever featured on the Dragons Den show. 

      Was Bitcode Prime Featured on Shark Tank?

      The Shark Tank TV show enjoys massive viewership in the US and overseas. Just like the Dragons Den TV show, the Shark Tank show provides business hopefuls with a platform to pitch their business ideas and products to a team of wealthy entrepreneurs. Businesses who make it to this show are usually in it for funding from the shark’s team with deep pockets. Any idea that interest the team usually ends up getting funded. 

      Should any team member find a business idea worth giving a short, the business ends up showing up on the front pages of major tabloids. 

      However, our team didn’t come across any solid evidence linking the show to the Bitcode Prime trading software after hours of research by our team. More so, cryptocurrency trading software like the Bitcode Prime aren’t currently allowed in the US, given the country’s laws on crypto CFDs. 



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      Was Bitcode Prime Featured on This Morning?


      This Morning is one of the most-watched TV shows in the UK. Launched in 1988, the show covers various segments, including business news, celebrity interviews and gossips, health and more. Supposed the Bitcode Prime software ever featured on this show, it would have become an instant hit, making the team behind such a powerful software millions in profit. 

      Also, the news would have become a trending topic on virtually all social media platforms. Unfortunately, reports linking the show to the Bitcode Prime trading platform are mere rumours. And after several hours of combing the internet for clues and watching multiple episodes, our team determined that the rumours are false. 

      Has Bitcode Prime Been endorsed by celebrities?

      Since the Bitcode Prime trading system launched some years ago, it has continued to enjoy significant traction as many traders look to get plugged into this incredible system that is making investors millions in profits. Today, the system is being lauded as the future by experts from various industries who believe in the software’s potential to transform cryptocurrency trading. 

      But as you’ve always known, we like to keep our reviews unbiased. And in other not to be caught in all of the hype and gossip, our team decided to dig deeper to find out if there is any truth to the rumours linking top celebrities with involvement in the Bitcode Prime system. Read on to see the result of our investigations:

      Does Gordon Ramsay Support Bitcode Prime?

      Gordon Ramsay has written his name in the sands of time. And that’s all thanks to his contributions to the entertainment and food industry. While he has authored several bestsellers, his role in top TV cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen has made him famous. 

      Given his massive fan base, the king of food and entertainment has been linked to many businesses and brands in the past. Unfortunately, rumours of his involvement with the Bitcode Prime platform is not valid, so treat any reports suggesting that as mere rumours.

      Does Peter Jones Recommend Bitcode Prime?

      British business tycoon and serial entrepreneur is reported worth 500 million euros. His role on the British TV business program the Dragons Den has made him particularly famous. As a successful businessman with a lot of experience in marketing, Peter Jones will make a worthy business partner or co-sponsor for any product. 

      However, rumours linking the millionaire to investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading platforms such as the Bitcode Prime trading platform are not true. 

      Does Elon Musk Use Bitcode Prime?

      Elon-musk has stunned many people with his impressive success in the business world. The self-made billionaire is the brain behind some of the world’s most successful businesses, including Tesla Motors, Solar City and SpaceX. 

      Away from his business dealings, the billionaire is an influential personality with a large fan base. His comments and inputs are known to have significant ripple effects across different markets. 

      While the billionaire has openly supported several cryptocurrency projects, including Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and more, there is little to no evidence linking him supporting the Bitcode Prime trading software. 

      Does Trevor Noah Endorse Bitcode Prime?

      Trevor Noah has held down The Daily Show for several years now and has done an impressive job over the years. Lately, the comedian has been linked to supporting the Bitcode Prime cryptocurrency trading platform. There are even rumours that the comedian made most of his fortunes from investments in cryptocurrency. 

      Unfortunately, none of these rumours is true. From our investigations, the comedian made most of his fortunes from his comedy background as well as being the host of The Daily Show, where he earns better than a lot of other comedians. 

      Does Kate Winslet Recommend Bitcode Prime?

      Kate Winslet’s rise to prominence in the movie industry has been nothing short of commendable. Her role in top Hollywood movies like Titanic has further shown how amazing an actress she is. 

      Like many celebrities out there, Kate Winslet has been rumoured to have investments in cryptocurrency. Some rumours also suggest that she is affiliated with the Bitcode Prime trading platform. 

      However, after hours of deep investigations and looking at all her past investments, our team has been able to establish that the rumours are false. 

      Does Holly Willoughby Endorse Bitcode Prime?

      Holly Marie Willoughby is one of the most celebrated TV hosts in the UK. Her role on several popular TV shows has endeared her to millions of followers who love what she brings to the screen. 

      Of recent, the show host has been rumoured to support unknown cryptocurrency trading platforms. But after careful investigations by our team, we found no connection between the TV host and the Bitcode Prime trading platforms. 

      Does Idris Elba Endorse Bitcode Prime?

      Millions of fans love Idris Elba because of what he brings to the big screens. His role in top Hollywood blockbusters, including a recent Netflix series, “Luther,” has made him extremely famous in the movie industry. 

      When the actor isn’t on set, he is all about his businesses and investments. Nevertheless, our team hasn’t found any concrete evidence linking the actor to supporting the Bitcode Prime trading platform. 

      Does Ant McPartlin Endorse Bitcode Prime?

      Recent reports have linked famous celebrity, musician and TV host Ant McPartlin to investment in Bitcoin. While his role as the host of Britain’s Got Talent is nothing short of amazing, there is little information regarding Ant McPartlin and his many investments. 

      So is there any truth to the rumours making rounds about his involvement with the Bitcode Prime trading platform? Well, our team hasn’t found any concrete evidence to back this rumour up, so treat any reports suggesting so as mere rumours. 

      Does Nicole Kidman Invested With Bitcode Prime?

      Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman has featured on many Hollywood blockbusters, including Moulin Rouge. Her role in top Hollywood movies has endeared her to her teaming fan base. 

      With a net worth of €183 million, the actress has been rumoured to support many cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcode Prime. But all these rumours are not true. Even rumours linking the actress to investment in Bitcoin have turned out to be false. 

      Andrew Forrest and Bitcode Prime!

      Australian serial entrepreneur and billionaire Andrew Forrest is among the richest men in the world, and that’s all thanks to his net worth of €9 billion. While rumours keep filtering in that the billionaire has invested in Bitcoin, we are yet to see any concrete evidence to back this rumour up. 

      From what we know about the billionaire so far, he made most of his fortunes from cattle and mining businesses. Also, the rumours linking him to the Bitcode Prime trading platform are not true. 



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      What do famous people say about bitcoin?

      Bitcoin wows me every single time. The number one cryptocurrency by market cap is showing incredible promise and potential to bring about a paradigm shift, very much like microcomputers did.

      Bitcoin is showing incredible potentials to transform the financial industry the same way email changed the postal industry years ago.

      Rick Falkvinge (Founder of the Swedish pirate party) Tweet

      Bitcoin at the moment feels pretty much like the worldwide web prior to the advent of the browser.

      Wences Casares (Founder of Banco Lemon) Tweet

      [Virtual Currencies] such a Bitcoin promises to offer long-term hope. I love the fact that the technology encourages quicker, safer and more hassle-free transactions.

      Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) Tweet

      Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies that is showing incredible promise to revolutionize the world.

      Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of Paypal) Tweet

      The three eras of money: Commodity built, politically built, and today, math founded.

      Chris Dixon (Co-founder of Hunch now owned by Ebay, Co-founder of SiteAdvisor now owned by McAfee) Tweet

      Bitcoin brings about the absence of full classes of bugs.

      Dan Kaminsky (Security Penetration Expert for Cisco and Avaya) Tweet

      Bitcoin as money 2.0 is going to be a mega deal.

      Chamath Palihapitiya (Previous head of AOL instant messenger) Tweet

      The technology backing bitcoin makes it unstoppable. The world needs to warm up to it, and that includes global governments.

      Bitcoin will always be here. Hacker chaos would take place if someone tried to share the credit of the branding of cryptocurrency. And I would hate being the party on the accepting side of the hacker rage.

      Which celebrities are interested in cryptocurrencies?

      First post apocalyptic law: slavery in all forms is now illegal-including debt slavery. #BITCOIN.

      Roseanne Barr – An early backer of Bitcoin, In 2013 Tweet

      The way this new technology is making our lives simpler is something that I love. All my fans worldwide come together and can pay using one method, Bitcoin.

      Just tried to buy breakfast w bitcoins. Refused. #whenwilltheworldcatchuptomyhipness

      Spending bitcoins ethereum and other types of cryptocurrency in Beverly Hill.

      Floyd Mayweather Jr. – In 2017 Tweet

      Mr. Branson invested $30 million in a cryptocurrency payments platform called BitPay

      Bitcode Prime: our conclusion

      Having taken time to explore the Bitcode Prime platform and all of its incredible features, we can say for sure that the platform is legitimate and worth all the hype. For people looking to make consistent profit from cryptocurrency trading, you’ll not be disappointed to get plugged into the Bitcode Prime trading system. This software is making many investors millions in profits. 

      Signing up for an account on this platform is straightforward. Similarly, activities like funding your trading account, trading using the Bitcode Prime auto trading bots and withdrawing your wins to your bank account were almost seamless. With excellent instructional manuals, both beginners and experienced traders will find the Bitcode Prime trading platform easy to navigate. Our only regret so far is not signing up for an account sooner. 



      Excellent Rating


      Key Features of Bitcode Prime

      Bitcode Prime FAQs

      Bitcode Prime is an advanced software for trading on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, which could generate profits close to €1000 per day.
      Bitcode Prime has an app and a website where you can do your trading.

      The major advantage this trading platform offers is anonymity, which means there is no need to create an account with any personal information. You only need to provide a username/password combination in order to trade on this platform. People who want their trades anonymous, or people looking for privacy should consider using this application because it doesn’t require any sensitive data from its users when they sign up!

      A few other benefits include: fast transactions (no wait time), free deposits, low transaction fees, over 300 trading instruments are available on the platform, 24-hour customer service support.

      No, you cannot. The system automatically links users to brokers depending on which part of the world you reside in. All of these brokers affiliated with Bitcode Prime have been vetted and are experienced and reliable.

      No, it is not available in the US due to US laws when it comes to crypto CFD trading.

      Bitcode Prime looks to be safe end reliable.

      A good start is €250, the minimum required to begin trading. A smart strategy is this deposit amount and reinvesting the generated profits.

      Bitcode Prime permits the withdrawal of profits at the user’s convenience. All you need to do is complete a request form and allow 24 hours for processing.

      Yes, our crew examined the platform and validate that it is dependable and secure. As we noted before, the website has sufficient encryption, including a strict policy for additional protection of your details.

      The app uses a very low number of accepted cryptocurrencies. For now, the following are allowed on the platform:

      • Bitcoin (BTC)
      • Ethereum (ETH)
      • Litecoin (LTC)
      • EOS (EOS)

      Yes. You can place a leveraged trade of up to 1:1000. For example, you are allowed to trade 1000 times the money you invested. This is due to the trading program linked with the cryptocurrency brokers providing the choice for leveraged trading. 

      Keep in mind the risks increase as the leverage goes up. Should trades not turn out the way you hoped, you could end up losing a lot, not to mention the initial capital. Which is why we suggest you begin with a small deposit.

      Sure. Bitcode Prime has long or short positions available to all their traders. You can additionally set terms for the system to follow for your trades. A user will opt to place a long position trade if he feels that the value of the currency will increase or a short position trade if the price is going to drop.
      Prior to signing up, you have the option to contact the Bitcode Prime customer service representatives via a live chat session on the website. Once you finish registering you can access customer support 24/7 by email, phone, or live chat.

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