What Are The Best Crypto CFD trading platforms? Check our list!

What Are The Best Crypto CFD trading platforms? Check our list!

Are you looking for the best crypto CFD trading platforms but you don’t know where to start from? Well, you’re in luck today as we have put together the best crypto CFD trading platforms you can start exploring right away. We are sure you can’t wait to get all the details. Well, read on for our list of best crypto CFD trading platforms.


Eightcap stands tall above all other CFD brokers regarding bitcoin trading. Their choice of bitcoin options greatly outnumbers all other online brokers, and their spreads are excellent.

You can choose from over 120 different cryptocurrencies paired against the US dollar with Eightcap’s cryptocurrency. The list of currencies covers coins like Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Some unique coins like Flow, Compound, Serum, Halo, Dodo, Shiba, and Polkadot, which you’ve probably never heard of in crypto.

Finally, there are five cryptocurrency indices to choose from if you want to spread your risk.

The amount of leverage you can have while trading cryptocurrencies varies based on location. Eightcaps Australian clients can trade with leverage of 1:2 for retail traders and 1:5 for pro traders, while traders from other countries can trade with leverage of up to 1:20 for most pairs.

We recommend the MetaTrader 5 when trading cryptocurrency as it allows you to trade all currencies. You can trade over 90+ pairs using MT4, but only cross pairs with USD and BTC are available. You can automate your trading without writing a single line of code using Capitalise.ai.

Pepperstone – Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Pepperstone is our top recommendation for Bitcoin trading platforms. The broker provides crypto trading on the world’s five largest cryptocurrencies, low spreads starting at $10 on Bitcoin, and no extra commission fees. The FCA, ASIC, CMA SCB, and DFSA regulate this broker; its cryptocurrency CFD platforms cover MT4, MT5, and cTrader, known for being the best place to trade cryptocurrencies.

Trading In Cryptocurrency With Pepperstone

Clients at Pepperstone can trade CFDs on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin via three leading trading platforms (MT4, MT5, and cTrader). It enables cryptocurrency trading through specialized trading software. Crypto traders can access the forex market and CFD trading on indices, shares, metals, and more from the same trading account.

Pepperstone’s crypto assets are speculative products that do not require:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange for accessing the bitcoin market,
  • A cryptocurrency wallet to keep digital currency.

Cryptocurrency CFDs From Pepperstone

  • Clients of Pepperstone can trade five cryptocurrency CFDs and three cryptocurrency indices. ), as well as three crypto indices that combine a selection of cryptocurrencies weighted by market capitalization, you can trade cryptos with fiat currencies.
  • The Crypto10 index is widely regarded as the industry’s benchmark cryptocurrency index, tracking the ten leading blockchain projects.
  • The Crypto20 index measures the performance of the best 20 cryptocurrency assets.
  • The Crypto30 index keeps the rack of success of the top 30 cryptocurrency assets.

Trading Platform For Cryptocurrencies

Pepperstone’s key advantage is that it allows customers to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without using a digital wallet. Furthermore, cryptocurrency CFDs trading is via three different sophisticated trading platforms, each of which provides an unrivaled experience for both seasoned traders and crypto newcomers:

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a forex trading platform and also uses Bitcoin CFDstaTrader 5 (MT5) as the ideal platform for professional traders.
  • cTrader is the most popular platform for automated CFD trading.

Costs And Fees Of Cryptocurrency Trading

Pepperstone’s ECN execution mechanism earned them a spot on our list of the best bitcoin CFD trading platforms. Pepperstone can offer interbank spreads because it is a no-dealing desk NDD broker. You can begin trading Bitcoin (BTC) for $10.0, while the lowest spread when trading cryptos is $2.01 for Ethereum (ETH).

Pepperstone charges a $2.0 minimum spread and a $3.5 commission rate to its clients. According to industry norms, these are the cheapest crypto fees amongst CFD brokers. Pepperstone will also provide you with reasonable prices 24/7.

Pepperstone’s ECN allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with super-fast order speeds of 30ms is another benefit of Pepperstone’s ECN execution methodology, in addition to the small spreads.

Final Thoughts – Features Of Pepperstone Cryptocurrency CFD Broker

  • Supports CFD broker for cryptocurrency trading.
  • The top-rated software solution.
  • Super-low fees.
  • Unique crypto products.
  • Rapid speeds of 30ms.
  • Unlimited free demo account.
  • The daily trade volume is $9.2 billion.
  • Claim your sample account by clicking the button below.

Markets.com – Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Markets.com has advanced cryptocurrency trading features. Markets X is the primary trading platform by Markets.com’s that offers access to:

  • CFDs on six cryptocurrencies
  • A futures contract on bitcoin
  • CryptoBlend index
  • Leverage of up to 1:2.

Markets.com is a Fintech firm registered on the London Stock Exchange that adheres to the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulatory guidelines. In Europe, CySEC regulates Markets.com (Safecap Investments Limited) and is licensed in Australia by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Benefits Of Trading With Markets.Com Cryptocurrency CFDs

  • Access to six crypto assets.
  • MetaTrader 4 and MarketsX trading platforms are available.
  • It provides easy trading on the platform without requiring a crypto wallet.
  • Clients can trade through Contracts for Difference.
  • It allows you to guess the price movements of a digital currency.

Trading Tools On Markets.Com

Use 14 specific tools supplied by a well-regulated broker to trade Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Markets.com features some of the profitable trading tools available, not just for Crypto trading but also for CFD and Forex trading, accessible via the broker’s MarketsX trading platform. With 14 essential, technical, and sentiment trading tools, MarketsX is a cutting-edge platform that allows retail clients to gain unrivaled market information.

Basic Software Tool

Below is the primary tool that influences asset prices on the MarketsX platform:

  • ForexLive.com offers financial commentary on worldwide developments or industrial variables that may impact the Forex or Cryptocurrency markets.
  • Clients receive advanced alerts through phone, email, or trading platforms.
  • Dow Jones News on MarketsX is an up-to-date news feed that centers on the 20 most relevant news events impacting the trading decision.
  • Thomson Reuters Stock Report – customers interested in stock trading may find this helpful.

Technical Software Tool

The following technical tools assist clients in making decisions by emphasizing the past performance of a specific tradable asset:

  • Related Instruments – clients can learn how different asset classes are linked. Currency pairs, for example, may be linked to bond yields, stocks, or other currency pairs.
  • Advanced Charting Tools Package — comprises 88 technical indicators and oscillators such as Relative Volatility Index, TRIX, Oscillator, and Ultimate Oscillator and nine chart formats like Renko, or Point & Figure.

Sentiment Analysis Software Tool

Sentiment tools are short-term indicators of how the market perceives a specific trading instrument. They are as follows:

  • Opinions of Bloggers – Users can read the views of 50,000 bloggers.
  • Hedge Funds Investment Confidence – accessibility to SEC data
  • In-house Trading
  • Recommendations from Trading Analysts
  • Trends In trading, the tool scans each trade conducted on the platform in a real-time view of market sentiment.
  • Acuity News Alerts — the tool provides the best information on how news affects the price of a specific asset.
  • Customers can use the Acuity News Trading Sentiment tool to see if news reporting of an asset is favorable, unfavorable, or neutral.
  • Real-Time Signals — access to real-time information on a particular asset

The Most Effective Cryptocurrency CFD Trading Tools- Conclusion

In conclusion, Markets.com provides a diverse set of bitcoin trading tools to keep you ahead of the game. Crypto investors can reach out to the Markets.com customer service team through live chat or phone to answer various questions such as advice about tools and trading platforms.

XTB – Best Bitcoin And Ethereum Crosses Currency

xStation5 is the best for Bitcoin and Ethereum crosses. XTB is a globally regulated broker with over 200,000 clients with 15 years of experience in the retail industry. It offers traders access to over 1,500 global markets, 25 crypto pairs, a leverage of 2:1, and a Bitcoin spread of $68.

With XTB, you may trade Bitcoin and Ethereum Crosses.

Crypto crosses exist in the cryptocurrency market, just like cross currency pairs exist in the forex market. XTB allows crypto investors to trade crypto cross pairings on nine bitcoin crosses and three Ethereum crosses.


  • XTB Standard account offers zero-commission trading,
  • xStation5 built for both beginner and experienced traders;
  • It offers crypto trading 24/7
  • Weekend trading available.
  • You can’t lose your capital due to hacking attacks.
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal methods
  • $250 minimum deposit.
  • Access to the most popular cryptocurrency crosses.

eToro – Leading Social Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency.

eToro is hand-picked as the best online CFD, Forex, and cryptocurrency broker with a global clientele (over 10 million). Worldwide, eToro is also known for having one of the largest social trading communities and special copy trading tools.

Multiple regulatory bodies that regulate eToro are ASIC in Australia, CySEC, and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.

eToro, according to our research, provides a comprehensive crypto trading service for retail traders of all skillset. It is a blockchain company that offers a unique copy trading platform.

The user-friendly platform of eToro allows for quick access to the cryptocurrency market. Long positions will not incur overnight funding fees if they are not leveraged as CFDs, while the Short positions will incur overnight fees.


  • High-risk CFD products trading available.
  • Demo account available
  • It provides free access to the latest news report.
  • Standard risk management tools are available.

eToro’s Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Traders on eToro’s platform can choose from 16 crypto assets integrated into 94 crypto pairs. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and many other tradable cryptocurrencies are available.

Below is eToro’s cryptocurrency for four financial instruments:

  • 16 cryptocurrencies
  • a single commodity cross
  • 14 crypto-crosses
  • 61 currency exchanges

Finally, suppose clients are unsure about which crypto assets to target. In that case, they can utilize eToro’s noble copy trading tools to copy the world’s best cryptocurrency traders and benefit from their trading activity and knowledge.

Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange By eToro

eToroX is eToro’s expert crypto exchange, offering the best trading experience for crypto algo traders, big investors, and professional cryptocurrency traders. eToroX makes use of eToro’s trading platform’s deep liquidity and attractive spreads, with no fees imposed on bitcoin deposits. Furthermore, trading commissions start at 0.03 percent.

Gibraltar Financial Services Commission regulates eToroX, making the platform safe. It also offers 106 digital pairs, such as cryptocurrencies,  Forex pairs, and tokenized stablecoins.

eToro Bitcoin And Crypto Wallet

Furthermore, eToro provides its customers with a secure digital Wallet that allows them to receive, transfer, and store their cryptocurrency anywhere on the blockchain. These services support over 120 cryptocurrencies and permit users to convert their crypto assets into other crypto pairs.

The eToro Wallet is available for free download and is accessible using clients’ eToro credentials. The Wallet comes with several high-level security safeguards designed to keep clients from illegal access. Standardization standards, DDoS protection, and multi-signature capabilities are among the security features available.

Additionally, crypto investors can utilize their eToro Wallet private key to regain access to the Crypto Wallet at any time.

IG – The Crypto Education Platforms For Beginners

IG is a popular online broker’s platform for crypto trading CFDs since it has various educational resources and risk management features for novices. IG is a well-known online Forex and CFD broker licensed in over ten countries, including the FCA, ASIC, NFA, and CFTC located in the United States.

IG Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs

Trading cryptocurrencies through complex instruments (CFDs) may be appropriate for clients who want to speculate on price movements without purchasing the specific digital currency.

CFD Trading Risk Management Tools

A retail CFD account carries a high risk of losing money owing to leverage; also, beginners must practice good money management and use the full range of risk tools at their disposal to safeguard their positions.

In this regard, IG provides the risk management tools listed below:

  • Stop Loss orders – this free tool automatically terminates clients’ positions if the market swings against them. However, it is not immune to slippage, so the position may close if there is a gap at a lower price level.
  • Limit orders permit you to profit automatically when the market reaches a specified price level.
  • Price alerts by SMS or email are available for free on IG’s Web Trader and mobile apps. At the same time, push notifications are available on the desktop PC trading platform and mobile devices.
  • Guaranteed Stop – clients’ positions will be closed at the set price level, but they will have to pay an additional spread.
  • You can use the Trailing Stop tool to lock in gains.
  • When the market goes against them, the Stop Loss will be activated, but there is no assurance of slippage protection.

IG Academy

In IG Academy, newbies can get all of the information they require regarding global financial markets and trading. They can explore a variety of free online trading courses, trade workshops, and in-person seminars on the website.

Overall, because of its first-rate learning center and advanced risk management features, IG is one of the best brokers for crypto novices. There are no maximum deposit limitations and no deposit or withdrawal fees when trading bitcoin CFDs with IG.


Plus500, a leading CFD provider, was recognized for having one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, offering a wide range of digital coins. Plus500 is a renowned CFD and Forex broker founded in 2008 in Israel and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Trading Conditions For Cryptocurrencies At Plus500

Plus500’s cryptocurrency offering is one of the most competitive among the crypto trading platforms we investigated, according to our findings. Crypto traders can trade 13 cryptocurrency CFDs and a crypto index with Plus500, with a maximum leverage of 1:30 and an initial deposit of USD 200.

Under Plus500’s hostile balance protection policy, retail investor accounts cannot lose more than the initial deposit when trading CFDs, similar to CFD and Forex brokers such as Markets.com.

Plus500’s average spreads for its various cryptocurrencies start at:

  • Bitcoin is worth $36. (BTC)
  • Ripple is worth $0.0038. (XRP)
  • Bitcoin Cash ABC is worth $4.7. (BCH)
  • Tron is worth $0.0006. (TRX)
  • Ethereum is worth $2.1. (ETH)

Plus500- Crypto 10 Index

Through a customized Crypto 10 Index, Plus500 provides crypto fans with the opportunity to obtain insights into the cryptocurrency market in a single trade. The Crypto 10 Index (Crypto10) analyzes the performance of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. The Crypto 10 index, developed by BITA, an independent and specialized third-party supplier, is the benchmark cryptocurrency index, similar to how the S&P500 is the benchmark stock index.

Finally, Plus500 provides crypto enthusiasts with a crypto exchange-like trading environment and a wide range of coins. Plus500’s clients have access to a wide range of CFD instruments, including indices, stocks, ETFs, and much more. Use the button below to create a demo account and try them out.

IC Markets Is The Best Place To Trade Cryptocurrency With MT5.

IC Markets is the best option for trading CFDs on the MetaTrader 5 platform. IC Markets was established in 2007 by an Australian online broker that focuses on Forex trading and provides CFDs on Cryptocurrencies and other asset classes. Clients of IC Markets can trade the financial markets using a variety of platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, and benefit from actual ECN execution.

IC Markets adheres to strict regulatory standards set forth by two of the most reputable regulatory bodies globally, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Cyprus-based Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It provides online trading services in key markets such as Australia and Europe.

Using A True ECN CFD Broker To Trade Cryptocurrencies

On its MetaTrader 5 trading platform, IC Markets can offer honest ECN pricing, no dealing desk order execution, and no re-quotes, thanks to its pool of 25 top-tier liquidity providers. Limit orders and trade sizes are unrestricted, and clients can hedge their holdings using the MT5 software from IC Markets.

On the broker’s MetaTrader 5 platform, crypto traders can trade ten digital currencies 24/7, with leverage of 1:5 and no commissions. On Bitcoin, the lowest spread is $5.00, and the median spread across all IC Markets account types is $10.00.

IC Markets provides the most excellent cryptocurrency trading circumstances using the MetaTrader 5 platform. Those interested in investing in the crypto market will find that IC Markets’ crypto offerings are more than sufficient to meet their trading demands.

FP Markets – Top MT4 Cryptocurrency Broker

FP Markets is a CFD and forex broker based in Australia established in 2005. ASIC, the Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulate it. FP Markets is regarded safe because of its proven track record and the top-tier ASIC holding body.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of FP Markets

  • The FP Markets has minimal forex commissions.
  • Account opening and deposits are quick and straightforward. You can use the demo accounts and e-books.
  • Stock CFD fees are substantial, and the product offering is limited to FX, CFDs (equities, indices, metals), and cryptocurrencies. The web and desktop trading platforms for MetaTrader 4 are outdated.
  • AvaTrade is a good option for crypto traders who want fixed spreads.
  • AvaTrade offers affordable fixed spreads for crypto CFDs on a total of 11 cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Trading With Avatrade

CFDs on 11 digital currencies are among AvaTrade’s many financial products available to Australian clients. You can trade 24/7, including weekends, with no commissions or bank fees. Another benefit is the spread of bitcoin CFDs, with a maximum leverage of 1:25.

  • Bitcoin is one of AvaTrade’s cryptocurrency CFD products, and you can trade against three distinct fiat currencies (USD, EUR, and JPY):
  • Bitcoin/US Dollar (BTC/USD) – 0.35 percent spread, leverage of 1:25
  • Bitcoin/Euro (BTC/EUR) – 0.5 percent spread, leverage of 1:20
  • Bitcoin/Japanese Yen (BTC/JPY) – 0.5 percent spread, leverage of 1:20

Overall, AvaTrade has a low trading price and availability of weekend trading on 13 crypto pairs and one crypto index. Furthermore, Bitcoin traders can speculate on the cost of Bitcoin against a variety of fiat currencies.

Admiral Markets – Cryptocurrency Risk Management Platforms

Admiral Markets provides the most advanced crypto CFD trading platform with excellent risk management features. Admiral Markets is regulated on two continents and has nearly 20 years of expertise giving internet trading services to retail clients globally (FCA, ASIC, and CySEC licenses). This online trading platform offers 32 cryptocurrencies, up to 10:1 leverage, a $10 average Bitcoin spread, and a suite of risk management trading tools.

Admiral Markets provides the following risk management tools:

  • Stop-loss orders
  • Only Admiral Supreme Account holders have access to the mini terminal.
  • Policy to protect the negative balance (NBP)
  • Protection Against Volatility

Risk Management Tools for Bitcoin Trading

Clients of Admiral Markets can trade bitcoin CFDs with various risk measures to help protect their money. Volatility Protection is the most potent crypto risk trading tool, as it protects your trade from re-quotes slippages, spread widening, and market gaps. A unique factor of the crypto market is extreme cryptocurrency volatility.

  • The Volatility Protection tool from Admiral Markets has several essential features:
  • There is a cancellation of pending orders due to price discrepancies.
  • Option to convert limit orders to market orders automatically
  • Execution of a partial order
  • It has a feature to prevent your stop loss from being triggered as spreads expand.

Finally, Admiral Markets clients have access to the full range of MetaTrader platforms (MT4 and MT5), as well as add-on packages (MetaTrader Supreme Edition) that include comprehensive risk management capabilities. Admiral Markets is not recommended for crypto trading, aside from the risk management features, because of lower leverage ratios and more outstanding trading fees.

Conclusion – Trading Platforms For Cryptocurrencies

Pepperstone is the top brokerage trading form for crypto trading among the ten brokers examined in our best crypto CFD trading platforms list. Other names, such as City Index and CMC Markets, were considered but did not make our top ten bitcoin CFD trading sites.

Pepperstone is a well-known global brand that offers minimal spreads (the lowest on Bitcoin), competitive pricing, access to the world’s largest cryptocurrencies (5 crypto pairings and three crypto indices), exceptional customer service, and an unrivaled trading experience.

Our star rating system helps you find and compare only regulated brokers who offer a wide range of trading services and cater to various needs. Remember that our reviews are for general information only and do not constitute investment advice of any kind.

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